World Stem Cell Summit Recap

I’ve been meaning to write a recap from the World Stem Cell Summit for quite some time now; it has been too long since my last blog post. We’ve been very busy in the interim. Personally I’ve been in Silicon Valley at an entrepreneur accelerator called Draper University building a great network for future funding opportunities. Now that I’m back working with Foregen full-time, expect far more regular updates.

Getting the Opportunity to Present

From our networking and conference attendances last year, we were able to establish the credibility needed to present at one of the world’s largest stem cell conferences, The World Stem Cell Summit, last December.

If you haven’t seen the talk yet, I encourage you to watch the 15 minute presentation; it contains much of the information in this blog post without the finer details discussed below:


Click above to link to Youtube video

It wasn’t easy to get a spot to present at this conference considering our mission is to regenerate the foreskin for circumcised men – something that directly challenges the status quo in the American medical industry. Luckily the conference organizer called me “appropriately assertive,” and gave me a shot – which went very well.

I was pretty nervous actually – no one, as far as I know, has so audaciously challenged conventional medical wisdom and just told people in plain English what’s going on with this nation’s skewed perceptions of the male genitals, especially at a venue that has very little in common with America’s genital cutting industry with the exception of the few companies who buy harvested infant foreskins to make products from. Ironically an executive from one of these companies presented before me on the same stage; she got a little squeamish during my talk.

Moving forward this presentation is key because it informs future venues what material Foregen covers and my presentation style. For example, I got invited to speak at The 10th Annual World Congress of Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine in Nanjing, China this November. I haven’t committed yet as it will likely be very costly in both time and money. But, this shows that our mission is accepted in scientific circles and that any initial knee-jerk reactions to Foregen are not decisive in determining our company’s validity in the field.

It was also a great event in not only did we establish credibility with the field and develop relationships with industry leaders and potential investors, but we also were able to gather many of the team’s key members together to debrief and plan ahead for 2016.

Team Building

In addition to our presentation, we also got the rare opportunity to meet as a team in person to debrief on our progress and plan for the future.


From Left to Right: Eric Clopper, Dr. Valeria Purpura, Vincenzo Aiello, Eric Cunningham

It’s difficult to meet in person when we are still bootstrapping the company, but nothing beats those human interactions when planning our upcoming milestones.

Of the group that was able to attend, there was Enzo  the founder and president, as well as myself the company spokesman.

Dr. Valeria Purpura was also able to make it from Italy. We’re extremely lucky to have such an experienced biotechnologist on our team with a wealth of clinical experience in skin regeneration.

Eric Cunningham was also able to join us from Iowa. Eric has already taken a leadership role in Foregen’s social media. Eric posts whatever is trending in our industry as he oversees Foregen’s Facebook page. He is also in university as a budding tissue engineer; we look forward to having him on the research team down the line.

Future Events

From this event, we’ve established our brand in the stem cell field as the company to look out for as we pursue massive disruption in the field. 

In 2016, we’re going to be looking for future conferences/events where our message would be effective and appropriate. As always, feel free to comment below on any ideas for future venues you'd like to see us at or shoot us an email.



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