Why Do You Support Foregen?


A while back we asked our followers to tell use their stories and why they are supporting Foregen.  We thought it would be good to share what some of them have to say and to show how circumcision affects individual men, and compelling reasons as to why a solution like Foregen is needed.  These accounts can help others to understand the difficulties they face as well as their hope for the future. Here are some of those stories:


“I've donated to Foregen every month for almost two years now because I hope to become a fully-functioning, intact human being again; I haven't been since I was 8 days old. By supporting the development of a regenerative therapy for amputated foreskins, I am attacking the daily despair I feel when I see my scar, that reminder of my victimization and loss, because it might not have to be permanent.”

- Anonymous, 22, USA


“I'm supporting Foregen because of the hope that it has given. Since I was 14 years I knew what I had lost and the harm that circumcision cost. I could never really admit it to myself, because there was nothing I could do to change it. Admitting it meant giving up, and so I kept on denying it. When I discovered Foregen I felt an incredible sense of relief. I could finally come to terms with my circumcision as I now had hope. Hope to regain what I had lost. That's why I'm supporting Foregen.”

- Anonymous, 24, United Kingdom.


“Last winter I dated a girl from Africa who had her clitoris amputated by her parents. Dating her showed me that there is no difference between western male cutting and female cutting. I found Foregen while I was researching genital mutilation. I have never been so convinced that something is so clearly wrong before. We need to give men (and women) the right to choose a complete body.“

- Anonymous


“I'm supporting Foregen so that men will be given back a choice that was taken away from them when they were the most vulnerable. I want them, and future generations, to be able to fix this and not despair that their situation is unchangeable. I think this is a noble cause and a basic human right that everyone should be guaranteed so they can have a fulfilled life. Ultimately, I want to live in a world one day where something like Foregen is rarely needed, and only for true medical necessities. That is my dream, and I'm confident we will achieve it, and once again become whole men.”

- Tyler, 21, USA


“I'm supporting Foregen because like others have said, I feel that it is the right thing to do. If I were not to support them at least a little bit financially while I had the chance, and they didn't succeed due to funding issues, I would sorely regret it.”

- Anonymous, 28, Canada

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