What will the expected procedure consist of?


As we get closer to clinical trials and ultimately complete them, we will, of course, have more details for you. For now, the following is a good description of what it should be:

Our process right now consists of decellularizing the adult donor foreskin, which means we strip away the cells until only an Extracellular Matrix (ECM) is left. In the next phases of our research we will be working on reseeding this ECM with stem cells to regrow and regenerate the structures of the foreskin.

Each foreskin will be regrown with the individual patient's stem cells and reattached via microsurgery, with stem cells applied to heal the current scar line; we anticipate that there shouldn't be scarring.

Initially, it will be a donor foreskin from a cadaver. Once our procedure is commercially available in the future, we will also be working toward a 3D printing system.  This would be printed with the patient's DNA and of course properly innervated, along with the other structures of the foreskin to create a custom regenerated foreskin.

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