Update Video From Our Spokesman

This is a quick rundown and explanation about our spokesman Eric Clopper's update video for those who are interested. You can find that video here.

As many of you may already know, our work in decellularizing the human foreskin has been submitted to undergo what's known as the peer review process. Once this process is completed and published, we'll be ready to move onto much-anticipated Animal Trials which will likely happen sometime in 2018. However, this research is expensive.

We've brokered a partnership with Netcapital, a crowdfunding company located in Boston, Massachusetts. Netcapital is going to host and promote our equity-based crowdfunding campaign. We're looking to time this campaign with momentum generated by Brendon Marotta's Award-Winning Film, American Circumcision. His film has received amazing reviews, with claimed reports of people in the audience crying as a response. This documentary is expected to receive a lot of attention, and we're going to coordinate with Brendon to magnify the effect of both of our messages.

Concerning the talk at Cornell University; The talk was well received and had a great impact, however, it's Eric's thinking that he'd rather not release the talk now that new opportunities have shown up. Releasing the video at this time could lower the impact that future speeches may have as well as fail to take advantage of near-future cultural changes in favor of ending male genital mutilation. We know this is disappointing, as we had all hoped to see the video, including members of the Foregen Media Team.

However, we agree that the logical approach is to facilitate the most strategic and effective methods to end male genital mutilation and make Foregen a successful reality. We will let everyone know when we receive an update on how Eric's anticipated project develops.

Of course, this is all subject to change, but we wanted to give everyone an update on our current plans and operations. If you have any questions or would just like to connect with us, we encourage you to visit us on social media. As always, we appreciate all of the support and donations which we have received, which has allowed Foregen to come this far.

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