The Foregen Future Newsletter July 16th, 2018

Posted by on July 16, 2018

Dear Foregen Supporters,

Welcome back to our most recent newsletter. We have some important updates for you, and an overview of the best parts of July so far.


 What’s Happened Since Last Time

  • We’re looking to fill a temporary paid position for a talented medical animator(s) to create one or two high quality videos. At least one of these videos will highlight the important functions of the foreskin. This position requires a fundamental ability to illustrate and animate scientific and medical imagery. This position is expected to be filled relatively soon so if you feel that you’re qualified or know someone who is, please email Tyler at


  • We’re currently revising our scientific paper which we feel will improve the peer review process. It is our goal to finish this revision within approximately 10 days and move forward with resubmission. We encourage everyone to read Eric Cunningham’s post on our blog about the peer review process if you haven’t already.


  • Our Director of Events is narrowing down the options for networking and we have one potentially coming up in August.  If we confirm this event we’ll have more announcements about this and other ones in future newsletters and posts.


  • As mentioned previously we’re currently undergoing a company restructure. Openings for both writing positions and social media positions are available in the volunteer section.  We’re also continuing the work on setting up the infrastructure and refining the design of our new website. If you have an interest in volunteering with current and future site development, and have experience with WordPress, please fill out an application here.


  • For the month of July so far we reached a total of $4,901 in donations, which helps us move forward with the next parts of our mission!  Be sure to inform other activists, friends and family about Foregen and the science we’re pursuing to one day help provide genital integrity to men around the world. Our overall total to date is $341,562 - Let’s keep it up.

 Tell Me Something Interesting

  • A fascinating article talking about a Swiss Biotech called Histide.  They developed a ‘so-called Cell Recoding Molecules [that] use peptides to activate growth factor receptors on cells, which stimulates the growth of new cells and promotes tissue regeneration. In preclinical testing, the technology was able to regenerate twelve different types of tissue and recode tumor cells into healthy cells. With these properties, the technology could help repair tissue that has been damaged by injury or disease, and possibly even treat cancer.’


  • An unusual but interesting piece about 3D printing tissues in space, given that exploration would be far from any hospital.  This underscores how innovation in the field is constantly progressing and taking new paths.

 Volunteer for Foregen - We Want Your Help

If you are interested in any of the following positions, please click on them to read more and apply:

Foregen Web Developers (Wordpress)

Foregen Art Team

Foregen Translators

Foregen Writers

Foregen Social Media Team Members


Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for our next newsletter. If you’d like more frequent updates, please head over to our blog, or visit one of our social media accounts – the links are at the bottom of this newsletter.


The Foregen Team

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