The Foregen Future Newsletter December 1st, 2018

Posted by on December 01, 2018

Dear Foregen Supporters,

Welcome back to our most recent newsletter. We have some important updates for you, and an overview of the best parts of November.

 What’s Happened Since Last Time

  • At the moment we are waiting on production editors at SAGE publications to publish our paper after having done the proofreading checks on the manuscript.  Like we included before, the DOI number is available for those who are interested in reading it as soon as it’s published: 10.1177/2041731418812613


  • Our friend Brendon Marotta, director of the award winning film American Circumcision, has a chance to be on Joe Rogan’s Podcast!  Go to this blog post for instructions on how to recommend him to be a guest.


  • For the supporters who submitted their information to participate in a phone call, please keep an eye out for an email since we are still selecting people for this project. If you are selected please respond within 48 hours.


  • We are putting considerable time into optimizing several sections of our new website to convey the importance of the foreskin, why people should care about it, and as a result support Foregen and our mission.


  • For the month of November overall we reached a total of $8,210 in donations, which helps us move forward with the next parts of our mission!  Be sure to inform other activists, friends and family about Foregen and the science we’re pursuing to one day help provide genital integrity to men around the world. Our overall total to date is $382,147 - Let’s keep it up.

 Tell Me Something Interesting

  • A recent article describes the success of tissue engineering startup Nanofiber Solutions LLC in raising $3 million to continue development on their work: a “patch – polymer strands woven with microscopic precision – placed over a wound and then bandaged, so cells, glands and blood vessels have a "scaffold" on which to regrow skin. In a few months, the body absorbs the patch.”  They have FDA approval and made their first sales last month.


  • Another article summarizing a recent paper published in Science Translational Medicine talks about the researchers’ success in implanting tissue engineered spinal discs into 14 rats and larger verions into seven goats.  According to the researchers reports, “not only did the disks become stable and well-integrated into the native tissue of the animals’ spinal columns several weeks postsurgery, they were able to withstand stress forces just as effectively as the animals’ native disks.”  This is an important step in bringing them closer to human applications.

 Volunteer for Foregen

If you are interested in any of the following positions, please click on them to read more and apply:

Foregen Web Developers (Wordpress)

Foregen Translators

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for our next newsletter. If you’d like more frequent updates, please head over to our blog, or visit one of our social media accounts – the links are at the bottom of this newsletter.


The Foregen Team

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