The Foregen Future Newsletter #5 September 1st, 2017

Dear Foregen Supporters,


Welcome back to our most recent newsletter. We have some important updates for you, and an overview of the best parts of August thus far.


What's Happened Since Last Time?

  • SPECIAL UPDATE: Our President, Vincenzo Aiello, confirmed with our scientists and posted an update on Facebook, stating that our work in the lab will be done by the end of September!
  • For our upcoming article on circumcision in South Korea we’ve interviewed several of our Korean supporters. Here’s part two of those interviews.
  • We recently updated our ‘stories from supporters’ page. Here you can learn why people are supporting us. If you too would like to share your story, please send it to
  • As we mentioned last time we’ll be attending Dallas Pride on the 16th of September. Like NYC and Toronto, this is another opportunity to meet people and gain more supporters. If you would like to attend and volunteer, please contact
  • Donations for the month of August as a whole were $10,558. Once again this is an all-time high! Our current grand total to date is $217,527 - Let’s keep it up.


Tell Me Something Interesting

  • Similarly, an article by Tablet explores the significance of circumcision in Jewish tradition.  
  • Psychology Today has featured an article on the potential psychological harms of circumcision.
  • Scientists at the University of Oxford have demonstrated how human and animal tissues can be 3D printed, while the individual cells remain alive and intact.  
  • Northwestern University Medicine scientists have invented a range of bioactive ‘origami organs’ that could significantly help patients in the future. Check out the video.


Volunteer for Foregen - We Need Your Help

  • We are looking to get an assistant for Robert, our Director of Events, to help plan and organize events. Real life events can be a great way to boost Foregen’s name and circumcision awareness in general. If you’re interested in assisting and want to help Foregen succeed, please contact
  • We are still looking for people to help us create visual content. If you can create images and videos, please contact
  • If you have a humanities or social sciences degree and would like to write for our blog, please contact


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The Foregen Team


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