The Foregen Future Newsletter #2, July 15th, 2017


Dear Foregen Supporters

For those that didn’t know we were at Pride Fest on June 25th in New York City. We met a lot of lovely people, and had the chance to talk to them about Foregen and the work we are doing. Hopefully some of you are reading this newsletter right now!  We have plans for future events as well to inform more people so be on the lookout for more updates on those.  Overall, we felt the event was very successful.


You should check out the description our Director of Events Robert wrote up here:


The following are important updates and upcoming events:


  • Building from our successful event at Pride Fest, Robert is planning to conduct more in the future.  Our next event we will look to offer free giveaways like pens, buttons, or wristbands. His focus will be in North-East region, as well as California and Texas. Our next event will most likely be Dallas Pridefest on September 16th. If you would like to volunteer for this event please contact Robert at  We appreciate any help we receive.
  • A while back we asked our supporters to tell us why they are supporting Foregen. We would really like to hear your story too. Please send us your stories, and optionally your first name and age. Don’t worry, we won’t share your email with anyone, but we will feature your story on our social media accounts and newsletter.  You can send your stories to  Check out this recent blog post for some examples:
  • We closed the month of June with a total of $9,756 in donations, which is a record. Hopefully we will pass $10,000 in one month soon! If you like our work and would like to make a donation please head over to our site and click contribute.
  • Julian and Matt are our new External Forum Liaisons. Their role is to spread the news and updates from Foregen to restoration and pro-intact forums. They will answer questions and communicate why Foregen’s work is so important.
  • We are currently planning a podcast series where we will interview people. We would like someone that is tech savvy and has experience with voice recording and editing videos. We would also like someone with journalistic experience, such as writing for a student newspaper and would be comfortable interviewing people. If you fit either of these two please contact us!
  • We may also be sending out an additional newsletter where we provide a breakdown of recent news articles on circumcision, intactivism and regenerative medicine. We would like to keep you well informed and entertained with some light reading.


We are grateful for the support and receptiveness that the LGBT community has shown toward Foregen. For that we say thanks!



The Foregen Team

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