The Foregen Future Newsletter #14 February 1st, 2018

Dear Foregen Supporters,

Welcome back to our most recent newsletter. We have some important updates for you, and an overview of the best parts of January.

What’s Happened Since Last Time

  • We’ve added a new volunteer to the core team on our staff page to help push our work forward


  • Currently we have documents on Foregen related materials translated into Korean, Arabic, Hebrew, and French in progress, helping to reach audiences that speak different languages


  • We’ve been working on finalizing and ordering the various parts for our display at the SXSW event, which is only about a month and a half away. We have our cadre of volunteers set and we are looking forward to promoting Foregen over the course of this four day event!


  • This is an ongoing survey we have from our director events we would like for you to fill out so we can learn more about how you found Foregen.


  • Another ongoing form we put together is for our supporters to make suggestions. If you have an idea that you'd like to let us know about, please feel free to fill out and submit this form. We'll review all submissions and consider your ideas!


  • For January so far we have reached a total of $11,597 in donations, which helps us move forward with the next parts of our mission!  Tell other activists about Foregen and the science we’re researching to help restore genital integrity to men around the world.  Our overall total to date is $279,504 - Let’s keep it up.

 Tell Me Something Interesting

  • An article about recent research that mapped the entire genome of the axlotl Salamander, identifying the genes responsible for the process that allows them to regenerate limbs and giving a boost to the field of regenerative medicine.


  • An article describing how scientists coaxed human stem cells into becoming touch neurons.

 Volunteer for Foregen - We Want Your Help

We apologize for any delays in getting back to applicants, as our management team has recently been under an abnormally high workload.  We will make en effort to contact all applicants who have not yet received a response within the next week.


If you are interested in any of the following positions, please click on them to read more and apply:


Foregen Health Professionals


Foregen Web Developers


Foregen Writers


Foregen Graphic Designers


Foregen Translators


Foregen Event Coordinators


  • Responses are checked daily. We will respond to ALL submissions within 3 business days.


Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for our next newsletter. If you’d like more frequent updates, please head over to our blog, or visit one of our social media accounts – the links are at the bottom of this newsletter.




The Foregen Team

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