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Thank you for volunteering for the Foregen future clinical trials. We will be in contact for any future developments!

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    I was cut extremely tight as an infant, this led to painful erections, loss of feeling, sensation and a destruction of my sexuality. I consider myself asexual I have no desire to have sex with anyone. I have severe mental trauma from this experience. It doesn’t help being depressed every time you go pee or have this strange urge that makes no sense. I have lost all hope that I’ll ever be normal til I found foregen. It kills me that so many men got to have the full experience that I never get. I’m almost 30 and I feel like the clocks ticking away every second. I have been waiting since I was 17 for this stem cell thing to produce results. I am still young enough that I have a great chance of full recovery. And I hope everyone here gets to do the trial including me. We all deserve what every other man gets to have.
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    I suffered a very bad circumcision as an 8 year old boy. Much more skin than usual was removed leaving my penis un-sightly, extremely tight and painful with little sensitivity. It has destroyed my sexual identity, self confidence and my sex life in general. It’s a very lonely experience and I’ve basically become an a-sexual man. I’d be the first one to volunteer if that position is open, although it looks like there’d be a long line ahead of me. Now, just entering my 50’s I’d love to have a functioning penis before I start running out of time…
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    I agree!.. I’m 33yrs old now, and since I was 10-13 I knew that I was missing something. Even as an adult it is still hard for me to wrap my head around it, (it) being how doctors who take an oath to due no harm can mutilate a males genitals! It’s no right!No one, not even parents should have the right to make that decision. It needs to be a law, that only when the male is 18 can he have the surgery done, unless medically needed. The foreskin is there not as a defect but for a reason! I battle this on a daily, I shower and look down and the anger hits me. I get angry at the doctors, my parents, and I end up getting so worked up. I feel violated! I know that circumcision rates have gone down in the U.S and are still dropping, and I’m glad. But at the end of being happy that others won’t have to go through this, I’m back to being upset, because though it will save someone else, it doesn’t effect me :(
    So like the others that have signed up and commented here, I would gladly undergo the trials. If there is any hope here, I’m confident that Foregen will find it!
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    When I was growing up I often had painful or uncomfortable erections because of how tight the skin on my penis was. During my first physical as a teen I had asked my doctor about it and that’s when I really began to understand the impact that infant circumcision can have later on in life.

    It took many years, but I was able to eventually get the skin stretched and loosened enough enough to enjoy myself without discomfort. However, I am still self conscious about how it looks as well as feeling almost embarrassed for even getting an erection in the first place because of this. It’s interesting how much mental anguish something so many people brush off as a “non-issue” can cause, and how little credit society can give it’s impact on someone’s mental health. I very much would like to volunteer myself during the clinical trials if possible, not just for my own well being but for the chance to be a part of helping others in this situation.
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    So here it goes, I have been feeling uneasy for a very long period of time ever since I was a teenager. I remember when I started having this feeling at the age of 14. Something was missing. I knew it from that point, but I did not fully understood what it was back then. This feeling of incompleteness that I had was crawling up my very spine. Now, I don’t want to confuse you now! I experienced seemingly normal level of arousal and ejaculations when I masturbated, but at the same time my penis always hurt and felt sour when I finished ejaculating! My mother one day told me that when she was 13 she was forced to take me to a hospital to be circumcised in Egypt. She then told me that if she was older as she is now, this would not have happened. I was born into a Muslim family. I guess that’s another reason for me to hate my Religious upbringing. I am 24 years old now, and I hope that someday you would have me in one of your trials. I sincerely feel like I have been deprived of my life and my very existence. I would love to have you enroll me so that I could be whole again both physically and mentally. Please, I beg you to make my dreams come true. I want to feel another Woman’s body. I don’t want to die alone!
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    Okay, so after researching a bit more into your organization (at first I thought it was a blatant scam to rip poor circumcised guys off their money, but It seems like you are serious. I am 25 years old, and as soon as the trials are ready for humans, I would like to be enrolled, and surgically restored. Being circumcised has caused me a lot of mental anxiety, and stress, and has made me hate my parents, and doctors in general, and your organization is my only hope. How long until you may be ready to start the trails? As an estimate? I’m working on suing the doctor that circumcised me, and I may donate a large sum of it, to Foregen.