Tabling Foregen at Colby College

Hey All! My name is Greyson Butler and I am a senior at Colby College in Waterville, Maine. Over the past year, I have become involved in intactivism. Some of you may know me from my YouTube videos, published under Greyson Murphy. Through my endeavors in intactivism, I have become fascinated by the field of regenerative medicine, and by how Foregen is looking to reverse circumcision through regenerative foreskin restoration.

This week, I had the pleasure of running Foregen’s first ever college tabling event. Having never tabled before of any sort, let alone about such a sensitive topic, I’ll admit I was nervous. What I quickly found out, though, is that the college crowd is incredibly willing to hear about Foregen and our mission to reverse circumcision with regenerative foreskin restoration.



I had the opportunity to show HuFo, the hyper-realistic foreskin sculpture, to my fellow students at Colby’s Sexploration event.


A successful tabling event is all about strategy, and thanks to Eric Clopper I had the perfect opening line when people approached my table and asked what it was all about. To answer that broad question, I offered up one of my own: “What body part are over 100 million Americans missing?” As a hint, I would hold up a HuFo sculpture and await what usually was a myriad of incorrect answers. “I don’t know, is it the appendix?” “Gall bladder?” “A kidney?” Or even, “A liver?” About half the time people arrived at the foreskin before giving up and asking me for the correct answer.

From there, I would give a brief overview of Foregen and its mission, and ask another question of my audience members: “Why do you think such an organization exists?” Usually this would give some blank stares or puzzled expressions. These reactions gave me the perfect space in which to explain the importance of the foreskin to penile function and sensitivity, how thousands if not millions of men wish they were not circumcised, and the ethical questions surrounding infantile circumcision.



“That’s not real…is it?” was usually the first reaction to HuFo. But, after a little explaining and a demonstration of its function, audience members were fascinated by the sculpture!


“Oh, so some men actually wish they weren’t circumcised?” It was discoveries like this that made tabling for Foregen at Colby College’s annual Sexploration event one of the most rewarding experiences I have had during my stay here in Maine. Of course, there were varying reactions of my audience members once I had given my spiel, but as a whole they were positive. For those who were willing to stay and listen to more, I gave a brief overview of regenerative medicine, advances in the field, and how Foregen is looking to apply this science to reverse circumcision.

I learned that the regenerative medicine information captivated people the most, as they found the field incredibly intriguing. To aid my discussion, I had printed out articles on recent advances in the field and highlighted the titles. People were fascinated by the results and science behind them, and once I was finished many people picked up a pamphlet and thanked me for the information.



A picture of my Foregen booth – the Foregen colored chocolates were a crowd pleaser!


By the end of the event, I had talked to people of all sorts. From men to women, mothers to fathers, students to faculty, staff, and more, I had the chance to reach out to people of all age ranges. College students are poised at the perfect position to learn about Foregen, as they are usually of open mind and not yet parents who may contemplate circumcision in the future. I discovered that many college students had simply not thought about the issue, and once exposed to the ethical questions surrounding circumcision they understood where Foregen was coming from and why many men seek regenerative foreskin restoration.

Something I did not anticipate at a college event was talking to parents and handling the emotions that came along with our conversations. Some were relieved to hear that they had left their sons intact, while others were upset that they had chosen otherwise. For those who discussed regret with me, I explained how they could still make a difference by protecting their grandchildren’s generation, and that supporting Foregen is an option too.

Looking back, tabling for Foregen was invigorating, enlightening, and gave me a surge of hope for the future. The crowd at colleges and universities is one of the most accepting you can find, so what better place to try and spread the word about Foregen? What I wish I was more prepared for were questions about hygiene and explanations about how the supposed medical benefits of circumcision are not as tangible as the general public seems to believe. But, most importantly I have learned so much from this experience and I hope that others will follow suit. I cannot wait to table again!


Greyson Butler

Colby College ‘17

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