Why Do You Support Foregen? - Part 2

In our latest newsletter we asked you to tell us why you support Foregen, and were very pleased with the responses we got. We received so many we decided to give them their own page on the main site. We realise many of you enjoy reading them, so we’ve posted some them of them below - don’t worry if yours isn’t there, we’ll post it later.


Remember if you haven’t managed to send us your story yet, you still can. Email us your story, first name and age to jay@foregen.org. Thanks.


“I am supporting Foregen because we are at the 21st century, and still instead of listening to what science has to say about foreskin, this ugly habit of circumcision is still existing. I have hope that maybe one day I will become intact like normal people. Also, I have a physical and mental scare and I hope nobody in the future will suffer the same issue. Please more education, more education and more education based on science to fight this ugly habit.”


- Alaa Ghoneim



“As crazy as it sounds, I believe I remember my circumcision. Mine was done so tight, that it hurts to have an erection sometimes or the thin skin will tear sometimes. I would love it if a company like Foregen is success to give people like me a second chance at having a normal and functional foreskin.”


- Erick, 42



“I’m actually intact but started researching and supporting causes after I noticed my partners that had been circumcised lacked sensitivity and pleasure compared to my intact partners. This greatly affected my relationships with them. 

It made me feel like these men were missing an important part of their lives and we were missing out on true sexual experiences.


Once I discovered Foregen I decided to begin donating monthly to help support a great cause!”


- Brodie, 24, Australia



“Here's my story as to why I support Foregen.

I was circumcised a few years ago due to phimosis as an adult. Because I felt how it was having a foreskin before, I really can tell the difference, both aesthetically (rough, dry glans tissue), physically (less intense orgasms, erectile issues) and psychologically (regret, embarrassed). If I had known what I know now, I would have never done the surgery. Certainly, because I read later that there are other remedies for phimosis. Circumcision clearly has affected my life at various points. I now want to reverse the damage that was done and the joy that was taken from me. I'm sure many circumcised men want that same thing as me. It may only seem like a little lap of skin, but it is so much more, both for aesthetics, sexual joy and for masculinity as a whole. I want to feel like my whole, old self again.” 


- Yoni, 39, Belgium



“I support Foregen monetarily and verbally because having a fully functional and restored foreskin would mean the world to me. I remember from as young as six, not yet knowing what circumcision was, thinking that the penis would be so much better if it could cover itself. Infant circumcision is a blight on humanity, and until we can remove it, restoring those who are hurt is the next best thing.”


- Stephan, 29, USA



Thanks for reading, and remember there are more to come.


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