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Andrew, Foregen Supporter

I’ll admit it… At first, I thought this was just another anti-circumcision site with the usual biased facts like all the others.  I thought, as a circumcised male, I’d just be reading the same old ranting about how better it is to have a foreskin.  I just felt embarrassed that I was missing out, and I felt like I was being criticized as I had no idea it was possible to regenerate the foreskin.  I thought I was basically being told that I’m basically “mutilated” and am inferior to the uncircumcised male.  I felt left out.  Even with seeing plenty of other circumcised males, the statistics that they’d show about how unpopular circumcision is becoming in the world just made me feel left out.

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Simon, Foregen Supporter

I will continue to donate what I can to this cause, as it is very dear to my heart. I was circumcised at birth without my consent. I have experienced serious complications as a result, both physical, emotional and psychological. It is my dream to one day regain what was taken from me.

This is a cause that not many are aware of, or are in denial of. But I have a feeling that the tide is beginning to turn. Surely as we continue our advocacy and our efforts to inform, more will begin to see things in favor of human rights and bodily integrity. This day is soon to come, I am certain!

Thanks once again for the work of the benevolent souls at Foregen.

Andrew, Foregen Supporter

Thank you a thousand times over for working to make my dream a reality. Please continue to work toward restoring a human right and biological necessity for a satisfactory sex life for all circumcised men.

Ian, Foregen Supporter

If we as a nation wake up and demand what was stoled from us, we can have the most amazing sexual experience known to man, in the very near future . That’s my motivation!

Charles, Foregen Supporter

I am circumcised and I absolutely hate and despise it. It was a violation of my rights and I am disgusted to be part of a society that routinely mutilates the genitals of children. To be able to regrow my own actual foreskin is a dream I could not possibly hope for more.

Daniel, Foregen Supporter

Thank you for beginning this initiative.  Although most people could care less about it, it’s something very important to me.

Simon, Foregen Supporter

I just wanted to say, like I’m sure many others have, that you gentlemen are giving me and millions of others hope for a better future. You are giving me and millions of others the chance to experience the human right of having an intact body. This I believe says it all. Keep doing the good job you have been doing thus far. I will spread the word.

Justin,Foregen Supporter

Foregen is a blessing as it gives me hope, I have already begun to donate. Thank you so much for the work you do.

Theo, Foregen Supporter

I was circumcised as a baby and its not just the physical “something missing” but a feeling of something missing, and something wrong that its missing.

Richard, Foregen Supporter

I made a donation of $100 USD and plan to continue my patronage until this procedure is available to everyone who wants it.

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