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Damien's Story

Hello everyone i would like you to get to know me a bit better. My name is Damien A Robinson, and i was circumcised as an infant, (neo-natal circumcision), So this kinda struck me one day on wondering why some of the penises i saw had skin on them, so i learned that it was called foreskin (i was 16 at the time when i discovered that) and i was wondering what it would have felt like if i had that skin, so i got upset at my parents for having it done to me, they told me it was cleaner (which is a myth) and that i wouldn’t lose any sexual pleasure (which is also not true) i noticed that my skin on my penis became very dry and not too sensitive, i was not happy at all.

In-fact i was so upset that i lost hope getting my foreskin back since i did the research, half a year after my 18th birthday i found out about foregen though foreskin restoration and this popped up and i felt so happy that someone was trying this, All these babies that get circumcised scream and cry in agony why would you want to do this to your son? Why would you make him go through the pain that you went through aren’t you supposed to want better for him? But i guess not, here in the united states i’ve heard people say circumcision rates are falling due to awareness which is right ( i hope anyway).

I want people to understand that it’s not for cleanliness, it’s taking away a natural thing that is supposed to occur and it should not be messed with or cut or sized down, Think of it like the heart, what happens if someone took a chunk away because they thought it would be cleaner? It wouldn’t work if you ask me.

I hope the medical community realizes that its not some useless piece of skin, Most men here lost 20,000 Nerve endings that would make sex for the guys who were circumcised less pleasurable, without the foreskin that’s where all those issues come in. I would love to see this succeed, the more awareness means more backlash toward the procedure of circumcision. However for me, i’m still very upset that i had no choice, when i found that out i was just so angry i have no words to describe the pain. I felt like i was humiliated, i felt like a piece was missing all my life and i was right!

I would love to thank this community and the search engine i used to have faith in something that would work for the greater good of humanity, i am honored to be on this website.

This is my story.

James' Story

For me, being circumcised as an adult can best be summed up as follows- imagine being given a taste of something really special- a really lovely, natural feeling- and then having that taken away from you. One feels an overriding sense of being cheated, disempowerment and injustice.

At the age of twenty-two I was circumcised. The operation was the result of phimosis ie a tight foreskin which had led to problems with sexual activity (mainly quite intense pain in the glanse area). I was originally recommended to try using steroid cream and manually stretch the foreskin by a GP. Having tried this for a short time, with limited results, I returned to the GP who referred me to a Urologist. He suggested the circumcision. 

Trusting the urologist’s judgement, I decided to go along with it, not really knowing what it entailed. I believed that a very small amount of skin at the tip of the foreskin would be removed- sufficient to allow the foreskin back over the glanse as would happen during normal sexual activity. At no point was I given advice on what the operation actually involved, or the possible physical, physiological or psychological impact the operation might have on me. There were no before-and-after diagrams, photographs or explanations just an assumption that I knew what a circumcision was. Evidently, I didn’t. Had I been shown pictures or diagrams I would have been much more reticent and probably would have persisted with manual stretching- with research I have discovered that it in the case of phimosis, this eventually gets results.

For the last sixteen years since the operation I have tried to adjust to the loss of my foreskin. I have had sexual partners since the operation but have found sex (and masturbation) to have some but minimal pleasure. In fact, masturbation has proven quite difficult. I experience quite a lot of pain and discomfort around the operation scar. The glanse, in it’s unprotected state has become dry and desensitised. I feel I have lost an integral part of my penis and sexual functioning. It feels so irreversable. A major repercussion of the operation has, in my belief, been a lack of sexual intimacy. I believe that the foreskin is the result of hundreds of thousands of years of evolution- it contains thousands of nerve endings and protects the glanse from irritation and chafing. The foreskin is not a useless piece of skin but a wonderfully erogenous tissue with both a physical and sexual function.

I whole-heartedly support Foregen in their efforts, through regenerative medicine, to ‘reclaim the foreskin’ for men who were circumcised at birth (clearly a decision taken out of their hands) or for those (like myself) who were circumcised as adults- the result of (in my opinion) misinformed medical opinion. How wonderfully empowering it would be for circumcised men (and for their partners) if this research bares fruit and they were able to experience sexual activity the way evolution intended it (not a man with a scalpel). For those people for whom circumcision is an important part of their culture or religion, respect must be shown and the ambitons of the research need not be thrust on everyone, but for those who are genuinely interested it would be great if it was there as an option.

How brave and necessary this research is and how empowering it could be to the millions of men who never had a say in the matter.

Michael's Story

Foreskin regeneration gives me an opportunity to be uncut again. At age 13 and 9m, I was scheduled to be circumcised. I remember going online, and seeing the ramifications and what things could be excised following circumcision, but my father assured me that it was just a piece of skin. I believed him and got it done with ambivalence. When I no longer felt the pleasure, and the series of burning pains after my head would be abraded with my underwear, I noticed what a big mistake I had just made. I have my faith in these people that foreskin regeneration can become a reality, and that others who've missed out because it was done way early on or unfortunate ones like me who fell for the bait, could have a chance to gain foreskin once more


Being born in 1958 I was circumcised at birth, my father being born in the 30's was uncut. As a child, seeing my fathers penis fully covered and then others my age fully exposed it naturally occurred to me that the difference was a matter of growth. Yes, as a child I thought that the skin would naturally grow to cover my head so that my penis would eventually look just like my dads. With age came the shock and disappointment I still experience today.

Simon,Foregen Supporter

Thanks once again for the work of both yourself and the rest of the benevolent souls at Foregen.

John, foregen supporter

I was never able to achieve an orgasm through intercourse. I realized something was missing but didn’t realize it was my foreskin until now. I first tried extenders, which work for their purpose, but didn’t add any satisfaction on my end during intercourse. I saw there were hundreds of guys like me then I realized the length might not actually be the problem they were looking to solve. I bought my extender about 4 months ago in August and have been using it religiously. I’ve gained 1/2 and inch a some girth. I’ve had sex a few times and everything goes smoothly, except one thing. I don’t feel any difference, and I don’t feel more masculine. It’s not like I have more feeling in my penis.

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Blair, Foregen Supporter

The idea that I could possibly have my foreskin back fills me with a rush of emotions that I can’t even put in to words. I might then feel like a human being who actually has rights and some control over my life.

Alex, Foregen Supporter

I am reaching out to Foregen in hopes to repair all the damage that was wrongfully done to me as a child.  I grew up believing that my circumcision was done out of necessity.  Only when I grew older did I begin to realize that it was unnecessarily done to me by a careless doctor that pushed this option onto my parents, ultimately resulting in me becoming a victim of an unethical practice. 

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Russell, Foregen Supporter

Thank goodness you have not given up.  I can’t believe how almost no one seems serious about doing something about circumcision.  I don’t know how you can stand all these “men” whining all the time and then not being willing to do anything about it.  The only thing I can figure is that they have a victim mentality because of what was done to them.  You must have amazing patience to be willing to put up with it.  Maybe once men can take back control of their own bodies they may have the confidence to stand up for all men instead of just feeling sorry for themselves.

Karl, Foregen Supporter

A lot of people think Foregen is a scam, but I know it is not a scam.  I have never met you in person, but we have interacted online for many months.  Since I am personally affected by circumcision I can tell just by reading your posts that you are genuine just like me.  After 2 years of constant attacks you are still here.  No scam artist would put up with 2 years of attacks.  Only a person who was 100% genuine would do that. I think as time goes by you are proving that you are genuine. And I think that people are going to start to realize that the scrutiny Foregen has been getting is not justified.

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