Scientific Advisory Board

Scientific Advisory Board

Dr. Elena Bondioli

Dr. Bondioli is Foregen’s chief molecular biologist responsible for overseeing the success of all of Foregen’s lab and preclinical work. Dr. Bondioli has more than ten years of experience in decellularizing tissues to extract their extracellular molds and then regenerating them for patients, which is the same fundamental scientific process that Foregen’s success depends on. She is currently the technical director responsible for overseeing the bioengineering and somatic tissue cell therapy department of Regional Cell Bank of Emilia Romagna, a ten-million dollar facility tasked with regenerating skin for burn victims. Dr. Bondioli has written numerous national and international patents and publications in Italy on skin and other structure regeneration. Dr. Bondioli’s past experience aligns perfectly with Foregen’s research trajectory as proposed in this manuscript. For Dr. Bondioli’s full CV, please see the appended document at the end of the Supplementary Information section. Dr. Purpura's full resume, please consult the PDF link below.

Dr Bondioli's Resume


Dr. Valeria Purpura

Dr. Purpura was a senior diagnostic molecular biologist at Praximedica before becoming Dr. Bondioli’s head biotechnologist at the Regional Cell Bank of Emilia Romagna. Dr. Purpura received her Ph.D. in experimental medicine in 2012, studying the molecular mechanisms involved in the modulation of fibroblast and keratinocyte growth factors. She is highly experienced in PCR technologies, histomorphological testing, and validating the safety and efficacy of therapeutic biomaterials for use on patients. For Dr. Purpura's full resume, please consult the PDF link below.

Dr. Purpura's Resume


Robert Van Howe, MD

Dr. Van Howe is a Medical Doctor of Pediatrics of the Marquette General Hospital in Minnesota.  Being a leading opponent of circumcision, he has published against circumcision and written extensively in support of children’s rights.  He has published many articles on the topic of genital integrity for over 15 years. He also attends and speaks at the symposium on genital integrity. His experience further includes training at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin and Milwaukee Children’s Hospital as well as earning his BA degree from Stritch School of Medicine.


Ken Drabik, MB

Mr. Drabik is a Senior Research Technologist at the University of Chicago. He has campaigned for human rights around the world and his expertise led him to assist in the making of the movie Cut, which discusses the issue of male circumcision.