A common question that arises in relation to Foregen’s groundbreaking technology is: will there be a scar? To see a scar in the most intimate of places can be difficult, and always accompanies circumcision. The promising answer to the question though, is not only will this new treatment not create an additional scar, it will remove the existing scar.

There has been a lot of research as of late into using stem cells to heal wounds without scarring. Clinical trials have shown that by applying stem cells to an open wound, it can completely heal any scar line. When Foregen is itself ready for clinical trials and then mass use, the doctor will apply the same technology to ensure that no new scar is created. In order to also eliminate your existing scar, the doctor will cut open the skin right before the scar line and then again right after. The new foreskin will then be attached in between the two cuts and the whole thing will be sealed with stem cells. This will thus eliminate your current scar and prevent any further scarring. Because this technology is so well tested, it is easy to answer this question very confidently.


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