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Posted by on February 04, 2011

The research that you (foregen) are doing is extremely important because it gives hope to all those in the world who have been physiologically mutilated at the hands of ignorant and blind followers of religion, culture and other delusional cults within society.  Circumcision is by far one of the most repugnant, yet legally acceptable practices that still remains active in the world and one that has gone on for far too long.

Indeed circumcision is in effect a hidden crime against humanity that has never truly been recognized as an injustice to individual human rights given that it causes harm that is at present irreparable.  But more importantly it is a breach of the bio-medical convention of ‘informed consent’ in which the recipient of any major surgery or physical alterations must give his or her consent with a complete knowledge of both the procedure, in addition to the costs and benefits of such a procedure.

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