Remembering Jonathon Conte

I would like to express my sincere condolences and the condolences of the Foregen team to the family and friends of the late Jonathon Conte.  Unfortunately I had never had chance to meet him in real life, but both Eric Clopper and Eric Cunningham met him and told me about his extraordinary passion for our common cause.  Jonathon was known for his work in the Bay Area Intactivists and fighting for the right of genital integrity for all.  By all accounts, he was a kind and gentle soul; fighting for those whose voices cannot be heard.


His passing sheds light on how devastating circumcision can be.  We here at Foregen are devastated that we are still not in state where we could have helped Jonathon or the countless other men suffering.  We are currently in the process of decellularizing donated adult foreskins to move onto the next stage of research,. We are optimistic that in the near future we will have secured the funding and overcome the bureaucratic barriers to begin research full-time and develop a therapy for full foreskin regeneration in the coming years. We are very hopeful for the future; science and medicine has barely scratched the surface of the capabilities that Regenerative Medicine & Tissue Engineering possess.

As we look to the future, we must not ignore the harsh present we inhabit.  If you or anyone you know is having suicidal thoughts, please reach out to a professional.  There are people here to help you. You are not alone in your battle.  Too many lives have been lost before their time.

Foregen’s mission is to completely reverse the physical damage done by circumcision.  Men who have completed foreskin restoration have reported that they have found a sense of peace with regards to their circumcision status.  I can only imagine that foreskin regeneration will yield the same feelings of tranquility.


Vincenzo Aiello
Foregen President 

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