Pride Toronto 2017

It’s been two years since I represented Foregen at Pride Toronto. On the night of Sunday, June 25th I was exhausted, hungry, thirsty, and sunburnt... but it was worth it. Our humble booth, while not the flashiest spot on the street, sure stirred up quite a bit of conversation. With the help of a fellow volunteer and my husband, we handed out hundreds of pamphlets, and were able to start up intellectual discussions with individuals and groups of people, many of whom had not heard of us. 

I have never felt better about this organization than after attending Pride. Speaking to real people, in-person, and getting to know our supporters. Every one of us remembers the feeling we got when we found out about Foregen. The rush of hope that one day we could be whole again. It’s hard to describe witnessing this reaction in person. It’s heartwarming, and never fails to make me smile. I am proud to be able to talk to people about us, and spread the word that we are working toward a solution. 

It seems I should expect nothing more from Pride Toronto than to be surprised by at least one thing. I spoke with several people who had been looking for our booth at last year’s fair. Unfortunately we had not represented in 2016. I will definitely take this as advice, and be sure to attend pride next year, and hopefully with a better location.

There is something else I am taking away from Pride 2017. Many of us, myself included, have felt embarrassed about discussing circumcision at some point. It’s a topic that is so uncomfortable to bring up, especially in such a divided society as the US or Canada. While this topic in almost every other setting proves to be trivialized, at pride we are seen as a real solution to a real problem. I am proud of my ability to work with such an open minded organization.

To all of our supporters, I cannot thank you enough. Your support drives myself and the rest of our team. You are proof that this is something so much more important than just a procedure. I am also so grateful to have received the help I did at pride (you know who you are). I could not have done this without you. And finally, thank you so much to Foregen and everyone involved. Let’s change the meaning of the word un-circumcised!

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