Peter Adler, J.D. Joins Foregen’s Management Team

This post is an update to let you know that Foregen has added another member to its management team, Peter Adler, as Foregen’s General Counsel. In that capacity, Peter will advise on all legal matters, and also represent the company at formal events and assist with business development.

How We Met Mr. Adler

Six years ago, Enzo Aiello started Foregen as an idea. It occurred to him that the emerging field of tissue engineering was the perfect solution to the hundreds of millions of men harmed by circumcision. In hindsight, this was unheard of, but today we’re starting to see his vision materialize.

Back a few years ago, when Enzo was networking at a genital integrity symposium, he met Peter Adler, an experienced lawyer, e-commerce CEO, and a law and business professor. Peter was also a vocal intactivist and member of Attorneys for the Rights of the Child. Peter was excited about Enzo’s vision as he was familiar with the magnitude of the harm caused by circumcision.

A few months ago, as we were considering transferring Foregen from a non-profit to a for-profit company, we needed legal help, so Enzo referred me to Peter, who also lives in the Boston area. We met at a café in Harvard square to discuss Foregen, where we see the company going, and how we see the conversation surrounding genital cutting evolving in the U.S. over the next few years.

It was immediately obvious to me, as it had been for Enzo a few years ago, that Peter would be a great addition to the team. Not only was he on board with the company’s vision, but he brought a wealth of tangible legal and business experience to the table as well.


Peter Adler, Foregen’s General Counsel


Stay tuned for updates in the coming weeks about how we intend to fund this enterprise to completion, where our experiments are with human tissue, and updates on some other initiatives we’re exploring.

Thank you for all your support so far! It has enabled us to get as far as we’ve gotten today, and is laying the foundation for an even more promising future.

Eric Clopper
Foregen Spokesman

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