NYC Pride Fest June 25th, 2017

Hey Everyone! Robert here. Pride0303.jpg

Pridefest lasted from 11:00am-6:00pm. We started setting up around 10:00am; our neighbors were a popsicle company and a Caribbean pride booth. We had a steady flow of visitors between 11:00am until around 2:00pm. 2:00pm-6:00pm was the busiest time, and here some different experiences of what happened.

I’ll start with the only “opposition” we received.

A man who said he was a urologist stopped by and asked what we did. I told him we are in the business to regenerate foreskin and reverse the effects of circumcision. He mentioned he was Jewish and circumcised, then asked if we are anti-religion. I told him we are not anti-religion, but our sole purpose it providing an option for men who had health issues (such as Phimosis… etc) needed to be circumcised, or are not happy they were circumcised as an infant. We at Foregen are merely adding an extra option, some guys wear short sleeve shirts, so Foregen will be making a “long sleeve shirt”. He did get a little argumentative after I said this, he stated that he sees a lot of intact men that have swollen glans and other health issues. I asked him why they were having the issues. The Urologist explained that most of the men were having issues because of not cleaning after sex and getting bacterial infections. I asked him if circumcision was the answer to these problems versus personal responsibility. He did say that it falls on personal responsibility to wash up after sex. I then asked him “if men washed under their foreskin, would most of these problems be alleviated?” He said that majority of the problems would be fixed if they did wash and keep clean. The conversation came to a halt and he left immediately.

This next story broke my heart.

A couple came up, and the lady was carrying a baby boy, and she asked what Foregen does. I told her we are coming out with a procedure to reverse circumcision. She told me that she already had the procedure done on her son, and it was to late and walked away. I proceeded talking to another interested customer. This lady came back and looked at our information that we had. She stayed for a few minutes reading our information, and walked away holding her baby tight and stroking the hair on his head, and looked distraught. I could tell she was upset after reading our information.

Next up was pretty rad.

2 teenage girls, and a teenage boy walked up to our table and were looking over the information and HuFo (The replica Human Foreskin). I asked if they had any questions. The boy asked what we did, of course I replied “We at Foregen are planning on regenerating foreskin and reversing the effects of circumcision, the procedure is expected to be out within the next 3-4 years.” He was really surprised, I gave him a Foregen brochure and he thanked me. He walked away reading the brochure and yelled “I’ll get my foreskin back!” I actually heard this phrase quite a few times. “You mean to say, I can get my foreskin back?” “Oh My Gosh, I can reclaim my own foreskin” just a few of the comments.

A Drag Queen from a neighboring booth asked us what we do, and I told her about Foregen’s plan to reverse circumcision. Her eye lit up and said “Oh Honey this is my life” and I gave her a brochure.

Another young woman came up asking what we do, and I told her about regenerating foreskin. She said her boyfriend is trying to restore, and I explained the difference between restoring and regenerating. She seemed thrilled and took a brochure for her boyfriend.


Our booth setup at NYC Pride

We informed a lot of Pridefest goers that circumcision will be able to be reversed in the not too distant future. It was an overall successful event.

Since this was my first event with Foregen, I learned a lot from this experience. Together we can make the Foregen foreskin regeneration procedure happen sooner, rather than later.

Expect updates within coming weeks on events for this fall. In the meantime, I will be hard at work deciding which events to book next, among other tasks, so we can spread the news of Foregen. I look forward to seeing some of our supporters at these future events, and making new supporters! As always, feel free to email me directly to show your support, to volunteer, or if you have any questions!




Foregen Events Director


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