Newsletter 11-17-2014

Foregen Completes its First Laboratory Experiment!

Ever since Foregen’s official launch in 2010, we have known that regenerating a foreskin is possible. After years of searching for and enlisting the right people and institutions and complying with laws and regulations, Foregen has successfully completed its first experiment decellularizing animal foreskin tissue - the first step in regenerating an organ!

Even more monumental than the completion of our first experiment, Foregen’s success in setting up our infrastructure - both scientifically and institutionally - to continue with our research indefinitely ensures that we will reach a human clinical trial for full foreskin regeneration in the near future!

With our new streamlined website, it is now easier than ever to support giving men and their partners options in restoring their bodily integrity. We hope you’ll join us in our work. Please sign up for our newsletter to stay informed of our progress and become a supporter so we can continue with our groundbreaking research!

Thank you and remember... restitutio ad integrum

For a link to the actual report, click here. With your support, we can continue our research to reach a human clinical trial. Become a Supporter Today!

A Challenge to Foregen’s First 5,000 Supporters

While representing Foregen at the San Francisco Gay Pride Parade, Foregen spokesman Eric Clopper issues a challenge to Foregen’s first 5,000 supporters.

With just 5,000 men brave enough to confront the reality of circumcision, Foregen can continue its research for the next 5 years and restore 100’s of millions of men to their natural form.

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Renowned "Sexpert" and radio personality Samantha Phillips shares her story about how male circumcision has affected her life and why she supports Foregen.

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