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Tyler J. Drozd

November 16, 2019

Hi Foregen Supporters,

We wanted to take the time and write a little bit about our experiences at BIO-EUROPE in Hamburg this week: briefly put, it was one of the best events we’ve been to so far. Of course, we’ll definitely go into more detail here.

As mentioned previously, we’ve been busy on our end putting together (and have finished) the documentation necessary to move forward with finalizing a funding source. This has been a key part and will be essential in negotiations with any investors or trade agencies that would support us.

Indeed, in this respect, we have broadened our search and now have promising research and investment prospects in Northern and Southern Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Australia, and Canada.

We are making sure that we evaluate our options carefully in terms of public and private investment, facilities that are available for research, materials and supplies, qualified personnel, as well as eventually marketing the procedure.

The massive number of patients that could be helped by Foregen’s planned therapy presents a unique challenge, and one that has not been lost on us. With the connections we’ve made so far we are asking about the current and developing infrastructure for 3D printing. We will eventually look to offer a 3D printed method for the therapy, but this will come after we have finalized and marketed the current donor tissue method.

Keeping this in mind, we have continued our search for more tissue sources, like we are doing in Colombia, and, additionally, have found a partner who could help us with the logistics of shipping large quantities of tissue. They work out of 100 countries and offer overnight shipping of tissues stored in containers that would meet the specifications for our research.

Talking with a representative from a U.K. Life Science Booth

Given our target demographic is so large and located in numerous countries around the world, this will be an important part of helping deliver a therapy to those who want it. In conjunction with this, we are also looking at the conference BIO-Korea in Seoul in May of next year. Korea is one of our largest markets, and thus we will be planning to attend this in order to secure a foothold and find partners who would help us conduct business there.

Touching base with our connection in Belgium

Overall our experience at BIO-Europe has proven to be valuable for us, and there are many options available for where we want to take the mission. We will be considering them carefully and will keep you updated on how things progress. As always, our thanks goes to you and every Foregen supporter who has been a dedicated backer of the project – we’re all looking forward to the day when the goal of reclaiming genital integrity becomes a reality.


The Foregen Team