New Supporter Rewards Now Live!

We’ve come a long way in the last three years, from a nonprofit based solely off of an idea rooted in the latest medical breakthroughs to an organization on the cusp of starting its own ambitious research projects full-time with a qualified team and a sound business plan. All of this progress would be impossible without you: your belief, your help, and, of course, your generosity. The amount of support we’ve received over these last few years speaks volumes to just how important genital integrity and circumcision reversal is to so many people.

In exchange for your early belief and your early support, we’re happy to announce our new Supporter rewards! We hope these rewards will not only show our appreciation for your support, but also inspire new Supporters to join our cause so we can develop a regenerative medical therapy for foreskin restoration in a few short years. Without further ado, the new rewards to our supporters to show our thanks are as follows:

Donor Rewards Now Live!

It is very important to us that the rewards are meaningful, and we struggled for some time to come up with appropriate rewards for each Supporter tier: Starter, Standard, Plus, Premium, and Elite. To that end, we have included a combination of video updates, content codes for an upcoming book and for an upcoming documentary that will feature Foregen, and Skype updates every two months with myself and other Foregen team members to provide in-person updates as the company continues to make progress towards our goal of reversing circumcision.

The video updates will be a simple vlog (video blog) series hosted by me. Before each vlog, I will email all of our members and gather questions to answer and every 2 months, I will answer the most popular questions and provide an update on Foregen’s progress.

The Plus tier includes access codes to an e-book that Foregen’s fellow board member and graphic designer Peter Benson and I are writing, as well as an access code to Pigs Without Blankets – a documentary about intactivists that Peter Benson and I are fortunate enough to be featured in and to be helping with some aspects of its production. Both the e-book and documentary may not be finished for quite some time, but as soon as they become digitally available we will provide our Plus tier Supporters with their own access code for an instant online download.

The Premium and Elite tiers include bi-monthly Skype updates with a Foregen team member Eric Cunningham or myself, respectively. We would absolutely love to be able to Skype with all of our followers and Supporters, but because so many people support our cause for genital integrity, we wouldn’t be able to! Therefore, we thought that the best way to thank our most generous Supporters would be to meet with them! That way, we can answer any of their burning questions, get to know each other, and start building valuable relationships with those who will help get us to our goal of $20,000 per month the most quickly.

If you are an existing Supporter, expect an email from us outlining how we intend to roll out these rewards to you. If you have been following Foregen, but have yet to become a supporter, please:

Become a Supporter Today!

With even half of our base donating $5 per month, we would already be operating full-time as a research entity and by making great progress towards our goal to provide a regenerative therapy to circumcised men.

And lastly, all of these updates could not have been possible without our newest team member, Nathan Sharp. Nathan has been and will continue to be working closely with me to ensure that we not only roll out all of these rewards to our current and future Supporters, but also as an integral consultant in the initiative to raise $20,000 per month and accelerate Foregen’s progress.

We look forward to hearing your thoughts on the new rewards and how we can best serve you. If you have any clever ideas about other rewards you’d like to see, feel free to email us at, and don’t forget to sign up to support Foregen at


Thank you,

Eric Clopper

Foregen Spokesman

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