Major Announcement!

We are happy to release our first official newsletter! In this regular publication, you will find all of the latest updates on our progress. Not only will you find links and videos to our scientific experiments in our newsletter, we will also provide you with the latest shout outs from organizations and members from the media who support our work.

We’ve been hard at work trying to make foreskin regeneration a reality.png.png

Our first major experiment has just completed and we’re working on the report now.

We know there are many people who are anxiously awaiting progress on the regenerative medicine front when it comes to the foreskin.

Well this first experiment is a culmination of our struggles since our inception:

  • We found the right scientists
  • We found the right locations
  • We found the right people…

All of this has lead to what will be looked back on as the first major breakthrough in this narrow field of regenerative medicine and it could have very far-reaching effects on the field as a whole.

Due to the sensitive nature of this experiment and the scientists involved, we won’t be publishing our findings in a public manner (for instance as a blog post on this site).

What we are doing instead is putting together a really nice report that we will be sharing individually with anyone who wants to know what’s going on, all we ask is that you give us your name and email address to indicate your interest and we’ll send you the report as soon as it’s finished. If you want to share the experiment, the report, or our findings, we ask that you share this page instead of directly sharing the report so that individual can raise their own hand to get the details.

Thank You So Much For Your Support As That Is What Has Made This First Experiment A Reality!

Click the link here to indicate your interest and we will send you the report as soon as it’s done!

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