Layout of Our Future Plans


Every so often we like to update our supporters on our general trajectory and on our future plans and projects.  There are a number of important events on the horizon and we want to ensure you are prepared for what we have in store for the future.

The first item on the agenda is an update on our progress in the lab.  As you all know, our current work revolves around the decellularization of human foreskin, which is a launching pad for our next phase of research: full-foreskin regeneration and animal trials.  Most recently Dr. Valeria Purpura has had issues renewing her contract to work in the laboratory. Because of this bureaucratic roadblock, we’ve had to delay completion of the next phase of research. Thankfully, our lead researcher Dr. Bondioli has the utmost confidence we will be able to complete the next phase by the end of September as opposed to the end of July as was originally planned. The science behind our experiments is solid and has proven to be successful; this is simply a matter of paperwork and we will be on track in our overall effort. Once we are fully funded, we do not anticipate such logistical delays as we will be able to afford hiring our research team full-time with dedicated lab space to our mission.

On a positive note, we have other good things to report in relation to our long-term goals and timeline.

In terms of social media, we will be shifting towards more content production to assist in firmly establishing our message to the general public with new and old supporters alike.  Recent efforts like the newsletter, blog posts, and our plans for the podcast – which are underway and going well – as well as self-published articles, will bolster this approach.  These new initiatives will continue in addition to our regular posting of updates and other information or news in regenerative medicine.  We anticipate these changes will expand our supporter base even more – we see new people signing up every day as supporters, volunteers and donors.  We only grow in optimism as our supporter base continues to expand in conjunction with our outreach efforts.

In a similar vein, the Pride Event we attended in New York City last month was an excellent opportunity for us to get exposure and talk to people about what we do and why.  Thanks to the efforts of our newly appointed Director of Events Robert Pitts, we are looking at attending other events, such as Dallas Pride in September, and other events that may be sympathetic to our cause. These kinds of events help to not only spread the word but establish our history even more as a company and build relations and connections.

Many of you have noticed as well that we’ve posted on a number of occasions about the upcoming documentary American Circumcision, directed by Brendon Marotta.  If you supported his Kickstarter campaign he has also sent out updates that tracked his progress on finishing the film; things have been going well.  Given that the general public needs to be aware of the problem in order to demand the solution Foregen is working towards, the release of Brendon’s documentary will likely play a pivotal part in our success. We are committed to supporting Brendon’s efforts in any way we are able as a company and a community since our goals are largely intertwined and our success will be mutually beneficial. 

These three things – the upcoming completion of our work in the lab, more content generation for social media and the expansion of our supporter base, along with promoting awareness of the problem we are trying to solve, will drive us towards our next goals.  These are chiefly our push to make the change to a for-profit entity and our future research in regeneration and animal trials.  The transition from nonprofit to for-profit will provide us the resources to conduct research full-time and expand our research team to accelerate our progress to meet our goal to provide genital integrity for those who wish they were given the choice.

As always, our deepest thanks go to you – our supporters, without whom we would never have been able to get as far as we have come.  There are great things in store in the future for Foregen and everyone who is dedicated to reversing circumcision and giving every man who wants it the choice to have an intact body.  We appreciate all of your efforts in making this possible and we ask that you keep up the good work. 



Tyler Drozd

Social Media and Online Content Manager

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