John, Foregen supporter

I was never able to achieve an orgasm through intercourse. I realized something was missing but didn’t realize it was my foreskin until now. I first tried extenders, which work for their purpose, but didn’t add any satisfaction on my end during intercourse. I saw there were hundreds of guys like me then I realized the length might not actually be the problem they were looking to solve. I bought my extender about 4 months ago in August and have been using it religiously. I’ve gained 1/2 and inch a some girth. I’ve had sex a few times and everything goes smoothly, except one thing. I don’t feel any difference, and I don’t feel more masculine. It’s not like I have more feeling in my penis.

We as men realize that we are lacking something in the genital region. If you bought an extender you showed your bodily awareness and intuition that there is something MORE you want. I believe were all looking for something in addition to the extender. Sadly this is because of the mutilation that took place when you were just an infant. Yes circumcision. An uncircumsized male has a max of 24,000 nerves in his penis, while a circumsized male has a max of 4,000. When you’re circumsized you lose well over half of the nerves you need to have a strong and enjoyable sexual experience – fine touch nerves, erogenous zones, specialized mucous membranes – all GONE! Have you noticed a decrease in sensitivity in your glans? It’s because the man’s glans was
never meant to be exposed. It’s supposed to stay inside the foreskin and keep its sensitivity for life. I realized that my need for something more sexually gratifying wasn’t because I needed a bigger

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