Human Regen Experiments

Human Regen Experiments


Foregen will apply the knowledge it has learned from its animal experiments to fully regenerate human foreskin!

The background

Foregen’s goal is to conduct successful clinical trials that reattach foreskins grown from a patient’s own cells to his own circumcised penis. Of course, to do this, we must first prove that obtaining a regenerated foreskin in vitro is possible. That is why foregen will obtain donated human adult foreskin tissue, decellularize it, and then repopulate it with human stem cells to obtain a fully regenerated human  foreskin. Sound impossible? Check out our section on the progress of regenerative medicine.

What progress has been made?

We are in the early stages of obtaining human tissue on which to experiment. Currently, foregen is consulting with medical professionals and human tissue organizations to assess the feasibility of experimenting on human foreskins as soon as possible. So far, foregen has received preliminary permission to experiment on human foreskins. Of course, we recognize that it is a privilege to experiment on human tissue and respect the application process. It may be necessary to publish our regenerative progress with animal foreskins before we are cleared to conduct similar experiments on human foreskins.

What do we intend to achieve?

We intend to follow the same path we are currently on with our animal experiments. We will decellularize our donated adult human foreskins and obtain their extracellular matrices. Then, we will re-seed the extracellular matrices with the appropriate stem cells to fully regenerate human foreskins. Once we have these regenerated human foreskins, we will confirm that these human foreskins are identical to their anatomical counterparts and publish our results. Once we have established a successful method for regenerating human foreskins, we will initiate our clinical trials.

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