HuFo Rewards Dispatched!

Dear Supporters,

Good news - HuFo reward packages are now being dispatched!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the supporters who backed the project, as well as all the people involved in making it happen.



It has taken sustained effort and a lot of coordination to create and bring together all the individual components, but our hard work has finally paid off and this unique project, the first of its kind in the world, has proven a tremendous success for us.

As with every groundbreaking project, we had to overcome setbacks and unforeseen obstacles along the way. Foregen is very different from most other organizations in that we are run entirely by volunteers who support the cause, most of whom have full time jobs and all the other usual commitments of working life.

Our people are diverse and widespread, and the HuFo project has reflected this. It has been a global project, in every sense of the word. The various components of the reward packages have come from a number of different suppliers around the US and Italy.

Organizing the production and bringing everything together for our very first Kickstarter project has been a logistical challenge, but one that we were happy to meet.


As of right now, all the $50 and below rewards have been shipped out. If you are a $100 or more backer, then you will have received your lower tiered rewards in the mail. Do not worry, your DVD will be shipped once we complete the production and receive © permission for some of the other works we’ve incorporated. We expect to ship the DVDs by the end of January; our apologies for these delays.

As for our $1,000 backers, your sculptures are almost done! As soon as they are, they will be shipped to the address you provided. As with the $100 backers, your DVD will be shipped likely at the end of January as well.

We thank you for your patience and ongoing support.


The HuFo project has been very valuable for Foregen, as it has shown us the level of public interest in the issue and support for our cause. Both of which have exceeded our expectations.

We were surprised and delighted to see our original fund raising goal for the project achieved well ahead of the deadline. It was also very gratifying to see that the project picked up the attention of mainstream media. For the first time ever, the human foreskin has been depicted in a way that shows in real scale terms the quantity of tissue lost to circumcision.

Most people have no idea that the most commonly performed surgery in the world, often described as “a little snip” in fact removes approximately 15 square inches of tissue and 20,000 erogenous nerve endings from an adult male.

It is hard for most people to visualize that in their mind. HuFo actualizes the loss of circumcision in a very real and tangible way, whilst also hinting and what the future might look like for those of us who wish to regain our bodily integrity.

Never before has the human foreskin been depicted this way.

Clearly this new perspective resonated with people, and the increased awareness and support we have gained as a result has been invaluable, and serves to reinforce to us how sorely needed our solution is. We would all like to formally thank everybody who has supported the project for their generosity and patience. Thank you also for having the vision and the boldness to support a ground-breaking project and challenge the status quo!


We hope you will display your HuFo items with pride and take every opportunity to inform, educate and inspire those around you.

With each new individual that becomes awakened not only to the losses of circumcision, but also the potential for regeneration, our goal of restoring bodily integrity to those who desire it comes a little closer.


Thank you for your patience, generosity and compassion.

Niall and the Foregen team.


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