HuFo Exhibit!

Hey Foregen supporters!

We have a special offer for those who come to the opening of the HuFo exhibit tomorrow, which is a first for Foregen.

All that you need to do is attend the exhibit on the opening day and let us know you’re a Foregen supporter, and you will receive a free educational HuFo! This is the only way to obtain one of these HuFos until they go up for sale in the coming months.

As you know, we’re hosting the exhibit in Philadelphia at the Open Space Studio at 6:00pm. Vincenzo Aiello will be in attendance and will be happy to speak with you about Foregen and his exhibit.

We have produced the educational HuFo in order to promote further education on the importance of the foreskin. This is a simplified version of Enzo’s original sculpture, and serves as a more accessible way to demonstrate how large the adult foreskin really is. It can be folded and manipulated to illustrate how dynamic the foreskin is and how it wraps around the penis, something that can be a very foreign concept.

As mentioned we plan to make this available for anyone to purchase at a low cost to help educate others, wherever that may take place.

The address for the studio is 1014 N. Marshall Street 19123 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Enzo and the educational HuFos will only be there the opening day, so be sure to stop by!


The Foregen Team

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