Hello & HuFo

Supporters, we will shortly be making an important announcement about the completion of HuFo, our previous kickstarter campaign.

But first, I would like to introduce myself.

My name is Niall, and I have been a paid supporter of Foregen since 2011.
I have contributed to various Foregen articles and email updates in the past, as well as helping out with the occasional bit of admin and brainstorming on the members forum.
Foregen was first brought to my attention by a comment posted on a Youtube "intactivist" video.

Although I knew nothing about regenerative medicine at that time, and had no idea if the goal was realistic or not, the idea appealed to me so much that I spent the next six weeks looking into regenerative medicine and finding out what other organs had already been successfully regenerated.
Needless to say, with other organs such as bladders, tracheas, vaginas, intestine and skin already having been successfully achieved, and with research on kidneys, livers and even complete working hearts already in progress, it wasn’t a stretch for me to conceive the possibility of foreskin regeneration. Before then I had no idea that the field of regenerative medicine was so advanced or that successful human implants had already been achieved. So this was quite an eye opener!
Since the right to bodily autonomy is a universal human right, irrespective of gender, age, ethnicity or religion, it was very refreshing for me to finally see an effort to provide a genuine solution to the hundreds of millions of men and boys around the world who have been denied that birthright, and for whom the “intactivist” movement comes too late.

I joined the group in August 2011, and since then, have watched Foregen grow from being a tiny start up group with less than $10,000 in donations and no scientific facilities, to a rapidly expanding independent research company that is known and respected in the regenerative medicine field and increasingly noted in mainstream media.
In my desire to contribute to this unique and much needed groundbreaking company, in addition to being a paid member and donating what I can to the fundraising events, I have volunteered my service as a writer.
My specific role is to keep the blog page up to date and relevant, and ensure transparency in regards to current events within Foregen.
Which leads me on to my first official (and admittedly overdue) blog update!
Watch this space! :-)

Please check your e-mail for a link to activate your account.