Foregen’s stance on foreskin restoration

Many of Foregen's members and visitors are currently committed to a foreskin restoration program.  One of the most common questions Foregen receives is whether or not their restoration will affect their future prospects of regeneration.  Unfortunately, Foregen will not be able to provide a definitive answer to this question until further research is done and clinical trials commence...

Being on the frontier of medical science, Foregen is currently in uncharted territory and cannot answer all of the questions associated with regeneration.  What we do know is the outline of the procedure that will be performed.  In the next months research will be carried out to learn how to build a biological scaffold.  It will be engineered according to each patient’s needs, which will then be attached to the reopened scar line on the patient’s penis.  Since every penis and circumcision are different, each scaffold will be customized to the patient's needs to achieve the best possible results.

Already having a restored foreskin with full coverage of the glans may or may not interfere with fitting a foreskin scaffold on the penis and subsequent regeneration.  Restoring your penis is a very personal matter.  Foregen's focus is strictly on regeneration, not restoration, and as such cannot offer advice whether or not foreskin restoration is right for you or detrimental to the possibility of future regeneration.  As a community, we encourage our members to decide for themselves which path they choose to take to reclaim their genital integrity.

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