Foregen Pitch at Draper University


In January and February of this year, I travelled from Boston to San Francisco to participate in a crash course entrepreneurial training program called Draper University (DU). DU was a 7-week program designed to help 40+ entrepreneurs actualize their visions for their concept and Series A round companies. It consisted of a series of modules designed to cultivate the risk-taking mentality needed to succeed in bold ventures such as Foregen’s.

DU is run by billionaire venture capitalist (VC) Tim Draper. At the end of the program, Tim invites his VC friends from the valley to DU to hear the pitches of all the students on what is dubbed “DU Pitch Day”. I of course pitched Foregen, and it was definitely something that the audience remembered. I can still see some attendees taking their cell phones out to record the speech. A frank discussion of male genitalia was not what they expected at this largely tech pitch day. You can see a video of the pitch by clicking on the thumbnail below:


When all was said and done, I came in 4th out of 40 in the pitch competition, which was not bad considering that I was pitching a life science company dedicated to foreskin to a room full of tech investors. More importantly though, I made some good friends who may be interested in participating in our first round of investment when we are ready for that!

We often get the question, “Are you raising money via donations or via investment?” The answer is both, for the time being. What we’d really like to be able to do at Foregen is to look investors dead in the eye and say, “We don’t need your money. Regaining genital integrity is so important to so many people that we are raising enough money every month to continue our research indefinitely.” This not only validates our mission and gives us enormous bargaining power, but it also ensures that we continue to make progress towards a regenerative therapy for circumcision regardless of investment. If we are able to achieve multimillion-dollar round of funding, we have a record of all our donors. Provided we are successful, we give you our word that your generosity now will be paid back later when we have the means to do so.

Beyond reciprocating in the future after the development of a successful regenerative therapy, we are also in the process of redefining our donation and membership rewards. Once complete, we look forward to providing even more updates and tangible benefits for each membership tier for all our existing and new members. These benefits will include but are not limited to access codes to some of our upcoming works, in-person Skype updates for our members, as well as other things we can offer to express our appreciation for your help in getting us in the research labs full-time.


Eric and Tim Draper at the Pitch Day Awards Ceremony. Photo Credit: Alex King

You have a right to bodily integrity. If you want your penis to be whole again, we ask that you make a tax-deductible monthly donation by singing up here:

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It doesn’t take more than $10 a month for you to address this very serious and intimate issue. If even half of our followers signed up at the lowest tier ($5 per month) we would already be working full-time with our own research labs, researchers, and hitting our milestones at a much faster pace.

Despite our current level of funding, we have already begun our research on consensually-obtained adult human foreskins. As we continue to explore the extracellular matrix of the foreskin, we will be sure to keep the updates coming in a timely manner!

Thank you,

Eric Clopper
Foregen Spokesman

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