Foregen: New Tools for Getting the Word Out

As Foregen's new site and online presence evolves, we wish to present our newest and most innovative feature: The Volunteer Dashboard

Built on Nationbuilder, our website now incorporates the ability for you to set your own fundraising goals, complete private or public profiles, check your membership status, and recruit your friends; all while earning what we like to call "Volunteer Capital." Volunteer capital is your way of tracking your online impact in supporting Foregen and getting the message out there!

Every time someone clicks on, signs up, or donates to Foregen by clicking through your links from one of your social media posts, you earn Volunteer Capital. Become one of our top volunteer capital earners and be eligible for gifts and perks! Have ideas for how we can show our appreciation to supporters? Let us know! To start, simply go to to signup, login, and view your current account dashboard. Remember, your profiles can be public or private and as always, Foregen respects your privacy.

Foregen User Dashboard


Any technical issues or questions can be directed to Benjamin Morrison at

Please check your e-mail for a link to activate your account.