Foregen Announces Its First Achievement!

In December of 2013, we completed our first experiment at the University of Bologna’s School of Veterinary Medicine in Italy. This marks the first real step towards our ultimate goal of foreskin regeneration! It has been a long journey getting this far, but with your support, our progress will accelerate as we tirelessly work to make you whole again.

It has taken us three years of searching, but after countless inquiries and a lot of red tape, we are finally ready to advance our mission. Finding the right scientists and providing them with the proper labs may very well be Foregen’s hardest accomplishment in our quest for foreskin regeneration.


In early 2013 we attempted to begin research in Boston; however Foregen did not have an established lab with all the permits, so it would have taken a very long time to get approval before we could even begin research. Foregen then found a lab in Italy that was willing to work with us, this lab already had all the necessary Italian and EU permits. It was decided that working with this Italian lab would give us faster progress than doing work in the United States. Now, within just a couple months, with the proper people and equipment, we have already finished our first experiment and are making big plans for the upcoming year.

As a brief overview of our first experiment, Foregen obtained 10 bull foreskins in an effort to extract their extracellular matrices (ECM). Bull foreskins were selected because of their thin and elastic properties which mimic that of the human foreskin. Our lead scientist successfully decellularized these tissues, leaving behind the extracellular matrices of the bulls’ foreskins. In the field of regenerative medicine, this is the first major benchmark in regenerating a tissue.
What’s next, you may ask? Well, we intend to continue where we left off with the animal experiments by repopulating our decellularized tissue with stem cells to obtain fully regenerated animal foreskins. Concurrently, we will inquire with human tissue organizations to ethically obtain donated adult human foreskins upon which to experiment.

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Farewell for now, and remember,
restitutio ad integrum!

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