Foregen to be in the upcoming Intactivist Documentary & Crowdfunding Campaign: Pigs Without Blankets

In the middle of last year I had reached out to the producers of a successful Kickstarter called Pigs Without Blankets. The premise of this Kickstarter was to create a PSA to describe what the foreskin actually is, i.e. a normal part of the male's sexual anatomy, in a somewhat humorous way to start a dialogue about circumcision.

If you watch the video in this link, Kenny Shults, the star, is actually quite funny, even with such an unfunny topic. 


After speaking with the producer of the first Kickstarter, Savas Abadsidis, we became friends and decided to team up to make a larger feature-length documentary about America's unique propensity for secular circumcision largely centered around my story - an average American guy who realized that circumcision was by no means normal although the culture he was raised in believes otherwise. To do this though, we would need money to cover the costs of filming, production,editing, and promotion. So, we naturally turned to what we knew best for an issue that intimately affects so many of us, crowdfunding.

The project evolved over the course of the year under Kenny and Savas' supervision to become what is the current Indiegogo campaign running right now:


Click Above to See Active Indiegogo Campaign

As you can see, intactivist and Hollywood superstar Alan Cumming wholeheartedly backs the project, agreeing even to play a major role in the film. 

The purpose of the film is not to make light of circumcision, but rather identify with people's misconceptions that the foreskin is some strange, funny, or awkward body part that intactivists are strangely entranced with so that we can debunk these myths. 

It's understandable that if you never remembered having a foreskin and your entire life you were either implicitly or explicitly told that this part of your sexual organ has zero or even negative value that you would consider it as such. Of course, that is false, but understanding that point of view and lightening the mood to approach this topic via humor is our goal.

As you can see, the graphics in the active Kickstarter, made from Foregen's very own Peter Benson, are actually quite hilarious, albeit the somber topic we are addressing.

Please check out the trailer if you're so inclined, made by the film's director Lou Peterson.

If you'd like to play a more active role in the documentary, or make this production possible to see it when it is finished, we'd love for you to back the project to receive whatever reward tier is in your budget.

Thank you again for all the support you have shown us so far,

Eric Clopper

Foregen Spokesman

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