Why Circumcision is a Problem

For well over 90% of circumcision’s history, it was performed as a blood sacrifice or as a punishment for masturbation, with the outspoken purpose to blunt pleasure and cripple male sexuality. Today, the foreskin has been proven both qualitatively and quantitatively to be the most erogenous part of the penis with a plethora of functions—something obvious to any man who has had the pleasure of retaining his.

Unfortunately, over 100 million American men and over 600 million men worldwide have been deprived of this sexual pleasure and function for either religious or highly-contested “medical” reasons. That is where Foregen comes in. Foregen is the only organization in the world dedicated to applying the latest advances in the field of regenerative medicine to the foreskin. Our goal is to give circumcised men the option to regain their foreskin, their genital integrity, and with it both the erogenous sensation and sexual functions that are intrinsic to having an intact penis.



How Foregen Will Reverse Circumcision

We live in an amazing age of consistent technological and medical breakthroughs. One of these amazing new breakthroughs is called regenerative medicine. Regenerative medicine works by creating a scaffold of the body part in question, seeding this scaffold with cells from the patient to regenerate the body part, and then reattaching this regenerated body part back to the patient. Once science fiction, now science fact, regenerative applications has already been used to replace lost skin, defective bladders, cancerous tracheae, absent vaginas, and damaged erectile penile tissue, and progress is rapidly being made towards regenerating solid organs such as kidneys, livers, and hearts. Foregen is extending this same technology to the only body part that hundreds of millions of men no longer have and would greatly benefit from if they were able to regain it… their foreskin.


We Need Your Help!

The foreskin is considered taboo in the United States, so no institution nor university has made a concerted effort to apply regenerative medicine to the foreskin. Doing so would amount to an admission that the American medical industry, two major world religions, and even their own beliefs about male genitalia are incorrect—not a welcomed realization. Luckily, we here at Foregen have no such qualms. Since you found us, we know you don’t either.

We are currently exploring consensually-obtained adult human foreskin scaffolds. Unfortunately, our research is stalled as we do not raise enough money each month to hire our scientific staff full-time and to continue hitting the milestones on our way to developing a future regenerative therapy. That’s why we need your help.

If this is an important issue to you, we implore you to explore the options on the side, see what donation tier you’d be able to contribute at, and sign up to help us reach the $20,000 per month we need to make consistent progress towards a regenerative therapy for circumcised men. We hope you will select one of the higher tiers so we can provide you bi-monthly updates on a personal level about our progress towards our goal.


Monthly Expense Breakdown

With your tax-deductible monthly donation, we will be able to hire our scientific staff full-time and continue making progress in restoring the foreskin of circumcised men.

● $10,000 – Researchers' Salaries

● $4,500 – Lab Rental & Supplies

● $2,000 – IP-associated Costs

● $1,500 – Management Stipend

● $1,000 – Conferences & Networking

● $1,000 – Administrative & Miscellaneous

Foreskin regeneration is not a question of if it is possible, but rather a question of when. The biotech field is progressing so rapidly that it is likely we will be able to regrow all parts of the body within a few decades. But, are you willing to wait that long to become intact again? If you sign up to become a monthly donor, not only will we be happy to provide you with the perks of the tier that you choose (with more to come!),  but we will have your name on our list of early donors so when we are a large, international company providing millions of men with improved sexual pleasure and function, we will know who our earliest friends were and can do our best to pay back your early belief and generosity.


Additional Information on the Human Foreskin

The foreskin takes all but 8 weeks of gestation to form the intricate and specialized cluster of erogenous nerve endings that deliver the refined sensory experience to the intact male during intercourse that every man should feel. Unfortunately, most Americans and even American medical professionals have no idea what the foreskin is or how it functions. We cannot do this intimate structure justice in a single paragraph, but Foregen’s president and founder Vincenzo Aiello actualized the loss of the foreskin in his shocking 2015 Kickstarter called HuFo – The Missing Piece:



Our Formal Company Pitch

As an early-stage life science company, Foregen is always exploring ways to increase our visibility as well as our funding so we can perform the hard science needed to reach our ultimate goal. Right now we rely on your donations to continue progressing towards a regenerative therapy. In the future, it is possible that we may accept larger investments to accelerate our progress. To this end, Foregen’s Spokesman Eric Clopper presented at one of the world’s largest stem cell conferences to some of the industry’s leading CEOs. He explained why we do what we do at Foregen, and why not only we will address the sexual deficits caused by circumcision via a regenerative foreskin therapy, but how we will come to transform the face of modern medicine today. If you have 15 minutes, we suggest you view the pitch to further understand the problem of circumcision and Foregen’s unique solution to it.


GOAL: $20,000.00

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