Decellularization Experiments and Next Steps

Hello everyone!  I’d like to take the time to introduce myself.  My name is Tyler Drozd and I’m a recent addition to the Foregen team.  I’ve been helping out with social media, online content, public relations, and other projects in support of Foregen.  Overall I’ve been involved in some form now for a little over a year and I’m excited to see what the future will bring for us.  I also have some updates to share with all of you.


After successfully finishing the decellularization experiment on human foreskins, we are currently working with animal foreskin and human foreskin now to optimize the decellularization method. We’re having some trouble getting more adult human foreskin as we are the first company to our knowledge ever to request the tissue, which meant we needed to find tissue collection agencies willing to work with us on our unique request.  This entailed planning out permissions with donors, collection protocols with multiple tissue collection agencies, etc.


Once we collect all the remaining specimens we need, we will look to publish two papers this year: one on animal and one on human foreskin decellularization. Building off of that momentum, we will look to raise a large round of financing once we’ve proven our ability to perform such a high level of scientific work. We’ve made strategic partnerships with life science brokers in New York City and crowdfunders in Boston and are looking forward to announcing our next big step in the process once we are legally able to do so (SEC and FINRA regulations prevent us from making certain forward-looking statements and we have no desire to become entangled in an unnecessary lawsuit with the federal government).


Right now it's possible we’ll transition from a non-profit to a for-profit entity in 2017. We’ve been open about this transition for years now, and it may finally be the year to make that change.


Everyone here in Foregen thanks you for your amazing support thus far! Our mission to restore genital integrity to the many millions of men who have lost it would have been impossible without your your monthly donations. They have enabled us to conduct our initial research and make the key connections that have propelled us this far.  We cannot thank you enough and look forward to the future we have together.




Tyler Drozd

Social Media and Online Content Manager

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