Damien's Story

Hello everyone i would like you to get to know me a bit better. My name is Damien A Robinson, and i was circumcised as an infant, (neo-natal circumcision), So this kinda struck me one day on wondering why some of the penises i saw had skin on them, so i learned that it was called foreskin (i was 16 at the time when i discovered that) and i was wondering what it would have felt like if i had that skin, so i got upset at my parents for having it done to me, they told me it was cleaner (which is a myth) and that i wouldn’t lose any sexual pleasure (which is also not true) i noticed that my skin on my penis became very dry and not too sensitive, i was not happy at all.

In-fact i was so upset that i lost hope getting my foreskin back since i did the research, half a year after my 18th birthday i found out about foregen though foreskin restoration and this popped up and i felt so happy that someone was trying this, All these babies that get circumcised scream and cry in agony why would you want to do this to your son? Why would you make him go through the pain that you went through aren’t you supposed to want better for him? But i guess not, here in the united states i’ve heard people say circumcision rates are falling due to awareness which is right ( i hope anyway).

I want people to understand that it’s not for cleanliness, it’s taking away a natural thing that is supposed to occur and it should not be messed with or cut or sized down, Think of it like the heart, what happens if someone took a chunk away because they thought it would be cleaner? It wouldn’t work if you ask me.

I hope the medical community realizes that its not some useless piece of skin, Most men here lost 20,000 Nerve endings that would make sex for the guys who were circumcised less pleasurable, without the foreskin that’s where all those issues come in. I would love to see this succeed, the more awareness means more backlash toward the procedure of circumcision. However for me, i’m still very upset that i had no choice, when i found that out i was just so angry i have no words to describe the pain. I felt like i was humiliated, i felt like a piece was missing all my life and i was right!

I would love to thank this community and the search engine i used to have faith in something that would work for the greater good of humanity, i am honored to be on this website.

This is my story.

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