Clinical Regen Trial

Clinical Regen Experiments


Foregen’s major objective is to fund a clinical trial of foreskin regeneration in the circumcised adult male.

The background

Medical research has made true dermal regeneration possible to a greater extent than ever before (for more on the science side of things, see our page on The Science of Regeneration). However, foreskin regeneration has not yet been tried, despite our knowledge that foreskin fibroblasts respond extremely well to regenerative technologies which create new skin. Foregen believes that it is time such a trial was undertaken.

What kind of trial?

foregen will conduct a clinical trial to reattach regenerated foreskins to circumcised adult males to restore the vascularity, nerve endings, and function that are excised during circumcision. 

So how will we get there?

Foregen’s road map towards our ultimate goal of male foreskin regeneration is as follows:

  1. We will raise funds
  2. We will use our scientific panel to find the facility and recruit the researchers who are most likely to perform research which will lead to a clinical trial
  3. We will complete any necessary laboratory and pilot research and publish these results in a peer-reviewed journal
  4. Finally, we will carry out a clinical trial

We are currently on step 3 of our journey.

Step 3 consists of fully regenerating animal foreskins and then conducting the same experiments on human foreskin. These results will be published in a peer-reviewed journal.

Of course, this road map is a simplification. There are complexities and uncertainties in such a trial as there are in any clinical trial that pioneers something new. foregen cannot guarantee the final outcome or predict unforeseen obstacles that may fall in our way. However, foregen recognizes the need for such a trial. We know how much success dermal regeneration has had in other areas, so we have good reason to believe that it will succeed in ours. While the ultimate outcome is not, and cannot be, certain, it is clear that we must try.

If you are interested in participating in our clinical trial, find out more here and contact us.

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