Chris, Foregen Supporter

Almost 5 years ago my girlfriend and i was about ready to bring or first and only child into this world and the second she found out it was a he she started in on were cut him right ? But there was voice in my head look into Chris before you commit your boys penis to anything . So later I went about finding every statistic,were it came from,who was responsible.

My findings were horrific, I haven’t spoken to my mother since then. So now I have a beautiful healthy INTACT boy , but by know means was this a easy task I had full scale battle on both sides of our families, it got so bad that I finally ended up laminating a MGM hand out and hung it from my boys stroller. So I’ve fought men, argued with women about what there doing to there children, and all for what my son to look up at me the other morning when i was stepping out of the shower and say “he wants his penis to look like his dads”. I cant get him to understand what he is gonna lose while i’m standing in front of him mutilated by a woman who said she loved me but when called upon to make her her very first parenting decision in her life and boy did she blow it not once but 4 times. So it would sure save a lot of heartache if i just looked like him. Thanks for your time

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