Tim Smith

  • commented on Funding Foregen 2016-03-31 19:18:28 -0400
    Have you determined the minimums for the professional investors? For example – 1000 shares at $1,000 each? or perks for a specific amount, like over a certain amount and the investor has the option to have the procedure done as a perk for investing when the company is able to go ahead and perform the procedures?

  • commented on World Stem Cell Summit Recap 2016-03-20 01:54:27 -0400
    Will the crowd funding info be posted here for investors that want to get in on this at the ground floor? Will there be required increments? or can you invest any amount? Also, on the time line you mentioned 2021. What is the current target for start servicing individuals who would want to undergo the procedure? Would that be after the IPO or would that already be taking place at that point? What is the targeted price point for a customer who would want to pay for this procedure?

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