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Posted by on March 29, 2012

I’ll admit it… At first, I thought this was just another anti-circumcision site with the usual biased facts like all the others.  I thought, as a circumcised male, I’d just be reading the same old ranting about how better it is to have a foreskin.  I just felt embarrassed that I was missing out, and I felt like I was being criticized as I had no idea it was possible to regenerate the foreskin.  I thought I was basically being told that I’m basically “mutilated” and am inferior to the uncircumcised male.  I felt left out.  Even with seeing plenty of other circumcised males, the statistics that they’d show about how unpopular circumcision is becoming in the world just made me feel left out.

But then I thought “Why, if the popularity of circumcision is so low, would they spend so much time trying to make circumcision illegal, and convince parents not to do it to their precious children?” But then I found this site.  You’re not trying to make circumcision illegal.  You’re not trying to take away the religious freedom of others.  You’re not trying to make me feel inferior to other men, and reveal the “evils” of this procedure.  You’re simply saying “Alright, you’ve been circumcised, probably as an infant.  That’s fine, but with Foregen, you’ll be able to experience even more of the simple pleasures of life.”  I’ll be furthering the study of regenerative medicine, and if successful, we’ll be able to advance to the regeneration of things that you even stated were not available “yet,” but “yet” means that, with further study, it will become possible in the future.  I’m just a healthy teenager who wants to become a man with the experience of having a small but important part of the body that many other Americans never experienced before.  You’re not trying to make circumcision illegal, you’re not trying to take away the religious freedom of others, you’re not trying to make me feel inferior to other men, but you’re just giving hope to those who went through it with regret.  I have hope.  I’ll be glad to join the mission in regeneration.  Regeneration is the future.  Thank you.

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