Alex, Foregen Supporter

I am reaching out to Foregen in hopes to repair all the damage that was wrongfully done to me as a child.  I grew up believing that my circumcision was done out of necessity.  Only when I grew older did I begin to realize that it was unnecessarily done to me by a careless doctor that pushed this option onto my parents, ultimately resulting in me becoming a victim of an unethical practice. 

Being a child, of course, not even knowing what the purpose of a penis was other than peeing, I had no say or knowledge of all of this.  I had no idea of the possible problems I would face.  As I grew older I began to notice the effects of the circumcision.  I noticed the scarring that was left on me, I could see the unsteady and careless hands of the doctor’s incision marked onto me, the discoloration of skin and skin tags left on my penis.  Not only was a devastated over being circumcised, I was devastated that it was a circumcision done terribly.  I had a feeling of anger, but I was left hopeless as there was nothing I could do.  I became depressed over the fact that I had a body part that was scarred and that I would never know how it would feel to have a normal penis.  I tried to research on ways I could fix this.  I’ve even tried the tugging method in hopes to achieve normality, but I realized it was not possible for me.  I eventually began to get over this problem over time by suppressing it, but it would always come back to me since I knew this is something I would have to live with my whole life (as it is part of my own body).  It especially came to my attention when a partner of mine mentioned it when she saw it.  This put me in a feeling of extreme self-consciousness that has affected my ability to even enjoy the simple pleasure in life with this feeling of constant self-consciousness and embarrassment, always hoping that it can go unnoticed.  So I am sending you a message in hopes to regain what was once mine and wrongfully taken away from me.  It is not just skin that is being removed when circumcised – it is much much more.  I hope people can become more aware and have a better understanding of this issue, and I have an optimistic view of what Foregen is doing.  If I could be of any help to this trial, it would be my honor. Thank you.

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