2017 Dallas Pride Breakdown


Myself and 2 volunteers (Topher and Michael) started set up around 9:00am. We finished setting up the exhibit booth pretty quickly. The neighboring tent was occupied by a renowned LGBT organization (GLAAD). One of the men working that tent came over to introduce himself, for his privacy let’s call him John. We had a short conversation before John asked what Foregen did. We explained to him we are in the business of regenerating foreskin.




John had mentioned that he had never thought about it before and that he was happy being ‘cut’. I told him that ‘It doesn’t really make sense that cutting away skin that nature gave us would not have an impact on sexuality, especially when it contains about 70% of sensory nerves.’ He said 'That does make sense. Happy Pride' He went to help finish setting up.


The first few hours were relatively slow when the festival doors opened at 11:00am. We had some festival goers stop by and I informed them about our soon-to-be public procedure, and what it entails. Most of everyone that stopped by was completely unaware of our procedure and that it was even possible to regenerate foreskin. Around 3:00 PM was when the crowds really started to fill the festival area. I spoke to a young grandmother that came by, and she said that she didn’t realize how detrimental this was to male sexuality after I gave the facts of what was lost. She called her daughter over. Her daughter was probably in her mid-30’s and explained to me her husband was intact, and she fought tooth and nail to have her son circumcised and won that battle. After speaking to her for 10 minutes or so, she told me she had felt remorse and guilt for what she had done to her baby boy. I told her that is the reason Foregen is here, to reverse circumcision. Her and the grandmother signed up for our newsletter and thanked me. This is one of my favorite stories from pride.


Another lady stopped by our tent and asked what the HuFo was. So I told her it was the average size of the adult male foreskin, and hold around 70% of the nerve endings and around 50% of the skin. Then I explained we are in the process of coming out with a procedure that will regenerate the human foreskin and all of the tissue/functions that are lost during a circumcision. We had a little Q&A about the functions of the foreskin, the circumcision procedure, and what is lost during a circumcision. She asked for the website, and I made it clear that we have a lot of useful information on the website. She also signed up for our newsletter. It made me extremely happy when she said that she didn’t know any of this about the foreskin/circumcision, and that she was planning on relaxing this weekend but will now spend it researching what we talked about.





A couple walked up and asked me what exactly we did. I told them we regenerate foreskin. Both of the boys said they were fine being ‘cut’ and one explained he was Jewish and why the Jews performed circumcision. So I gave him the facts about what is lost during a circumcision, and that spawned more questions. We talked for a while about effects of circumcision like; desensitization, prescriptions to help with erections caused by desensitization, and functions of the foreskin. I mentioned our website has a lot of resources and verifiable facts if he sought more information. He seemed to be curious to learn more, and said he would check out our website.


Another great experience was 2 families came up to the booth. One of the women had said she left her sons intact, and that she was still upset with her sister for circumcising her nephews. All of the women from the group had left their sons intact. I gave them a comparison of the number of nerve endings in the clitoris versus the foreskin, and everyone was shocked that the foreskin has nearly double the nerves in the foreskin than the clitoris.





In conclusion, I estimate we gave out 500 flyers or so. We talked with the majority of people that stopped by. I was genuinely surprised at how much the Transsexual community supported us, as well as the non-male genders. We really felt the love from everyone, and hope that we reciprocated our love for all genders and LGBT communities. I have yet to count the number of emails we obtained for our newsletter, I do know we have over 100 emails to add to our email list however.


This was an incredible experience and I feel privileged to represent Foregen. I did end up losing my voice again; however, I do not have a sunburn to accompany the lost voice this time! Again, this was a successful event. The snowball effect will happen for our cause, and soon we will be an unstoppable avalanche.


I appreciate each and every supporter we have, because without you our movement is nothing.


Peace and love to everyone!



Director of Events

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