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  • commented on Update from the Foregen Labs: November 2016 2016-11-26 02:30:28 -0500
    Great news to hear today. This is good to see after the downtrodden day i was having. It’s always uplifting to know foregen is making progress. Proud to be supporter. Good luck on your research.

  • commented on Foregen Attends Hello Tomorrow 2016-11-22 00:47:44 -0500
    Congratulations and Great job on spreading the word. Continue the fight. We haven’t lost till we’ve given up. I informed my cousin on the matter and a baby boy got to go home intact this month. It seems that when i do bring this topic up especially to people who are already circumcised i’m met with ignorance and they refuse to believe it changes anything like the foreskin is just extra skin. I’m not sure if they are putting on a front instead of saying how they really feel or just lack knowledge or an open mind to understand or research for themselves. Anyways thanks for all you do.

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