Jerry, foregen supporter

I am one of millions that did not have a say so in my foreskin being chopped off. We come in this world as a healthy baby boy and if it is  ot broke, it does not need to be cut off. Ever man should have the right to say, I want what I was born with and I have the right to have it grown back using this new foreskin restoration. I have sent my donation in and I hope other men will send a donation and support this cause. I know that there are some multi millionaire men out there that can support the cause and make a big difference in the foreskin restoration project. Let all us men be united in this cause to regrow our foreskins back. Thanks to all those that has donated like me to help the cause. I am on disability and donâ't have much money,but I sent my donation for the cause. When I was born I was a twin in 1947 and was only four pounds and my brother was 5 pounds, and was six weeks early. The doctor still had no mercy on us and chopped the foreskin off. The doctor told my parents that it was the new health procedure to do and talked them into letting him do his dirty deed, and get his extra money for the chop job. What a bummer. Please send your donations and fight for the cause. Thanks

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