Blair, Foregen Supporter

The idea that I could possibly have my foreskin back fills me with a rush of emotions that I can’t even put in to words. I might then feel like a human being who actually has rights and some control over my life.

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  1. Connor says:

    Patience, my friend, patience. We will be restored to our full selves.



  2. Will says:

    if I can’t have this, then I will kill myself, it sounds silly but I can’t live life being a half gender, a halfway castrated freak, please make it work

  3. Andrew Womble says:

    Finally! Some avid supporters who share a common interest of regenerating their foreskin!
    None of my friends or relatives understand the detrimental affects of the mutilation they term circumcision.
    I’m overjoyed I found this site and appreciate everything everyone who has contributed to making this dream a reality! So close I can almost feel it! No pun intended :)

  4. Sokami says:

    I SO WANT THIS TO HAPPEN. i hate the fact that my parents couldn’t even put a conscience thought to the fact that they were making a permanent decision on my man-hood/body 19 years ago, i have quite a bit of resentment that they decided to mutilate my body without consent from me, i mean fuck, seriously, since when did a foreskin endanger someone? it makes me so angry that they ruined a part of my penis over the excuse of “cleanliness” (what kind of excuse is that!?!?!?), but whether they think its clean or not that is NO excuse to mutilate someone’s own body without their consent. The only time anyone should take something off of an infant is if the infant will DIE or SUFFER tremendously with something they were born with such as a tumor or a bad heart that can be replaced ETC. I think now of how truly awesome sexual activities would be with a foreskin. I also think about how much i have been missing, which is probably a lot. I’ve read about men who simply spent 2 years growing skin over their glans (without nerve endings of course) and already say they get about 2.5 times the stimulation and orgasm. i wonder how much it will be if i regrow it with real nerve endings. I thank Foregen so much for putting in this effort to regenerate foreskin, i cant wait.

    • GameRender says:

      About 7 times more pleasure. An uncircumcised penis has at max 29,000 nerve endings. A circumcised one has at max 4,000. MATH!

  5. Anonymous says:

    This website gave me hope to one day be the way I was indended to

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