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“Because I want to be whole for the first time in my life.”


Anonymous, 22, USA

“I've donated to Foregen every month for almost two years now because I hope to become a fully-functioning, intact human being again; I haven't been since I was 8 days old. By supporting the development of a regenerative therapy for amputated foreskins, I am attacking the daily despair I feel when I see my scar, that reminder of my victimization and loss, because it might not have to be permanent.”


Anonymous, 24, United Kingdom

“I'm supporting Foregen because of the hope that it has given. Since I was 14 years I knew what I had lost and the harm that circumcision cost. I could never really admit it to myself, because there was nothing I could do to change it. Admitting it meant giving up, and so I kept on denying it. When I discovered Foregen I felt an incredible sense of relief. I could finally come to terms with my circumcision as I now had hope. Hope to regain what I had lost. That's why I'm supporting Foregen.”



“Last winter I dated a girl from Africa who had her clitoris amputated by her parents. Dating her showed me that there is no difference between western male cutting and female cutting. I found Foregen while I was researching genital mutilation. I have never been so convinced that something is so clearly wrong before. We need to give men (and women) the right to choose a complete body.“


Tyler, 21, USA

“I'm supporting Foregen so that men will be given back a choice that was taken away from them when they were the most vulnerable. I want them, and future generations, to be able to fix this and not despair that their situation is unchangeable. I think this is a noble cause and a basic human right that everyone should be guaranteed so they can have a fulfilled life. Ultimately, I want to live in a world one day where something like Foregen is rarely needed, and only for true medical necessities. That is my dream, and I'm confident we will achieve it, and once again become whole men.”


Anonymous, 28, Canada

“I'm supporting Foregen because like others have said, I feel that it is the right thing to do. If I were not to support them at least a little bit financially while I had the chance, and they didn't succeed due to funding issues, I would sorely regret it.”


Jade, 19

“It all started when I was 12. I was starting to go through puberty and knew exactly what they were. I had gotten an IPod for my 11th birthday and I was instantly entranced by Urology, so even at 12 I knew more about the genitalia than most adults. When the erections started to get more frequent I started noticing some pains. Now, the erections were never firm like and adults but more similar to a semi-erection than anything and when they started to get firm the pain would increase to the point where I was afraid of getting them. I sear he's for weeks trying to figure out what was going on and it always brought up men with foreskin so I never got any information. by the time i was 13 my erections started to tear just under the corona. this was both extremely painful and embarrassing so I never told anyone.


As the years went on I still had the issue, cleaned it and bandaged it. It wasn't until I was 16 that I found foreskin restoration and asked around. Obviously, I wasn't allowed to be on that site but I was desperate. I took some tips from the members and started to tape my skin up and over my glans and have been doing that for years now (I stuck cotton in it to keep it as dry as possible because I was worried about getting too sensitive and forgetting my tape at home or something like that) at 16 I also found Foregen! this gave me so much hope for the future that I started to get a little less anxious and emotional over everything.


Now I am 19 turning 20 and have gotten a little more slack skin than I did before, but have recently started growing again so all that stretching felt wasted because I'm still growing. I am determined to become a urologist and stop this heinous act because I should never have had to deal with the memorial stress of trying not to get an erection because I'd get a wound and I should never have wanted to not want my penis grow and I shouldn't have had to spend hundreds of dollars over the years trying to prevent myself from becoming injured. I have set up with a plastic surgeon and he has agreed to make me a foreskin by tightening the skin I already have and placing it over my glans (easily $3k surgery) but I am torn between that and waiting so I don't remove the nerves that could be used to innervate my foreskin when foregen moves on to human surgeries. I shouldn't have had any stress about this. I'm going to be a doctor and I'll have a lot more on my mind then to be mad about something that was taken from me and I cannot currently get it back.”


Alaa Ghoneim

“I am supporting Foregen because we are at the 21st century, and still instead of listening to what science has to say about foreskin, this ugly habit of circumcision is still existing. I have hope that maybe one day I will become intact like normal people. Also, I have a physical and mental scare and I hope nobody in the future will suffer the same issue. Please more education, more education and more education based on science to fight this ugly habit.”


Vinny, 21

“Hey, my name is Vinny and I am 21. So, my story started when I was almost a teen. My mom and dad divorced and it was obvious she didn't like him. While he wasn’t around he did do the best thing, and prevent the circumcision at birth. My mom didn’t like that and would trash talk being uncut and try to persuade me to want to be cut, I did not want to. She would try to ask is the skin going back and it was a little tight. Well when I was about 12 she took me to the Doctor that she found and was quick to get a diagnosis of phimosis so I could be cut. I was forced against my will to be cut and pulled out of school to have the surgery done. I was highly anxious and traumatized by it the pain I felt was unbearable both emotionally and physically. All feeling down there was lost after it had healed. The worst part was they tried to remove the frenulum and its partially intact leading to pain when it erects.


Fast forward 10 years and when I was in the shower I felt a lump and this plastic like piece came out that was from the stitching that was done. The whole experience has made me terrified of Dr's. My mom brings this up to annoy me at times and doesn’t understand how it is traumatic, and she has even talked to a Doctor at her job who wanted to meet me to "cut more off because not enough skin was removed....". The toll it took on my self-esteem was awful before the surgery I was not a fan of how I looked but after it led to me being very self-conscious, to where I developed an eating disorder anorexia with purging. It became so serious in high school that I had to be hospitalized twice, reaching a weight of 98lbs at my worst (I’m 5ft 8) and after finally finding a therapist who introduced me to natural healing we were working on trying to find the root cause of my eating disorder, the feelings that I was trying to mask with starving. When I brought up the circumcision he wanted to process it more because I was unaware of the impact it caused. It led to feelings of self-hate, loss of control, feeling like you are not in control of your own body.


In terms of dating because of how bad it looks I have not had a girl friend since my freshmen year of high school and I want a relationship so bad, but I don't have the confidence. Also add in the fact that because I have almost no feeling in my penis it takes about 2 hours to get any ejaculation and I can’t stay erect for a long time. I would not wish what I went through on anyone and there needs to be more regulations on parents who force their teens to undergo this awful practice because it affects them physically and mentally.


I’m now in college studying hard for a Masters in clinical psychology and advocating for proper info on the damage circumcision does on the sex life and the person, as well as raising awareness for eating disorders in men because it’s an area that sadly info and treatment is lacking in. As I started to nourish my mind and body being active in groups like this has helped me feel like I’m making a difference, because years ago when I was feeling the way I did, I wish there was a group like this that could have potentially stopped what happened to me. I hope this story can help at least someone.”


Erick, 42

“As crazy as it sounds, I believe I remember my circumcision. Mine was done so tight, that it hurts to have an erection sometimes or the thin skin will tear sometimes. I would love it if a company like Foregen is success to give people like me a second chance at having a normal and functional foreskin.”



“I have read the newsletter and I am happy that the donation amount was as close to $10,000 as it was. The newsletter also asked for a personal story, which I am happy to provide.


I was circumcised as an infant. I have and still do suffer from discomfort from my glans chafing against my undergarments every single day. I assumed I wasn't taking care of myself, until I found out about what circumcision was. My dignity and honour was and is still wounded, to find out that the parents I wasn't fond of to begin with had this procedure done to their perfectly healthy child. I feel like I am a painting that someone poked a hole into, bringing the worth of the piece down. A special hatred resides in my heart for the actions that violate the rights all living beings should enjoy, even if they are good in intention. I feel like being circumcised has negatively affected my sexuality and made it a giant mess. I especially hate my scar, it is disgusting and has been collecting my ire for years upon years. Knowledge of the operation is certainly impeding my efforts to become more content with life. 


I looked for ways to take back what was stolen from me, and I was surprised to see that this is a much more prevalent issue than I believed, and then I was saddened because of the thought that people go through this on a massive scale, especially in the United States. I then found Foregen.


Foregen is a miracle to me, sent at just the right time in the midst of my state of anger and depression. Initially I thought ill because I didn't believe that it was possible to recreate my own complex structures, and then I read more on the webpage explaining how and I hop aboard. Hopefully in the near future I will be financially apt to give a large donation. I am positively excited about this project, and how someday close I will be able to pay to have this wrong made right.


Thank you very much for your efforts, and here's to hoping for quick success.”


Brodie, 24, Australia

“I’m actually intact but started researching and supporting causes after I noticed my partners that had been circumcised lacked sensitivity and pleasure compared to my intact partners. This greatly affected my relationships with them. 

It made me feel like these men were missing an important part of their lives and we were missing out on true sexual experiences.


Once I discovered Foregen I decided to begin donating monthly to help support a great cause!”


Yoni, 39, Belgium

“Here's my story as to why I support Foregen.

I was circumcised a few years ago due to phimosis as an adult. Because I felt how it was having a foreskin before, I really can tell the difference, both aesthetically (rough, dry glans tissue), physically (less intense orgasms, erectile issues) and psychologically (regret, embarrassed). If I had known what I know now, I would have never done the surgery. Certainly, because I read later that there are other remedies for phimosis. Circumcision clearly has affected my life at various points. I now want to reverse the damage that was done and the joy that was taken from me. I'm sure many circumcised men want that same thing as me. It may only seem like a little lap of skin, but it is so much more, both for aesthetics, sexual joy and for masculinity as a whole. I want to feel like my whole, old self again.” 


Stephan, 29, USA

“I support Foregen monetarily and verbally because having a fully functional and restored foreskin would mean the world to me. I remember from as young as six, not yet knowing what circumcision was, thinking that the penis would be so much better if it could cover itself. Infant circumcision is a blight on humanity, and until we can remove it, restoring those who are hurt is the next best thing.”


Mike, 31

“I wish I could say I ever truly felt that what I was given was normal. I was born with a defect known as Hypospadias and, by the age of 3, I had 3 surgeries to repair the defect.  My foreskin was used as part of the repair process to give me a "normal" penis.  And though I am thankful that such a repair was possible, it wasn't until my mid-teens that I learned what was missing and what some of problems I was having were caused by.  My circumcision and surgery resulted in very tight skin and puberty/growth spurts made it that much worse especially with masturbation.  Essentially I support foregen because it is personal and I hope that with foregen I may gain back foreskin part to make any attempt at sexual experience even remotely worth it and that such research can be put towards better solutions in hypospadias repairs as well.”




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