Tyler Drozd


Social Media and Online Content Manager


Tyler is a driven advocate for genital integrity and pursuing the goal of giving every man back the choice of a whole body.  He has considerable international experience and working with people from a variety of countries. After graduating from North Central College with a degree in World Languages - Spanish, German and Chinese, he wants to continue both his study of language, as well as doing anything he can to support Foregen. When his time isn’t occupied with those goals, he can be found working on his art, the other passion in his life.

Mark Nasr

Software Developer and Social Media Manager


A college student that is driven to promote the cause of genital integrity by aiding the advancement of regenerative medicine using his expertise in programming and social media alike. He is currently studying Software Engineering and is soon to graduate from University of Ottawa.

Corey Milani

Twitter Media Lead


Korey first came to support Foregen over a year ago and since then has worked tirelessly to promote the goal of foreskin regeneration on social media and other platforms.  He currently handles Foregen's twitter, and is an avid Human Rights Activist.

 Matthew Stubler

Social Media Strategist


Matt became aware of the harm caused by genital cutting after dating a study     abroad student who is a victim of female genital cutting. Matt has a degree in Mechanical Engineering.  During his time in school his professors regularly spoke about the roll for mechanical engineers in regenerative medicine. Matt believes that all humans have a right to a complete body. He believes that there is no place for ideology in medicine, and that Foregen's success​ is an important step in that direction.


Social Media Lead & Advisor


An ardent supporter of genital integrity, Matthew recognizes Foregen is the only answer to a problem with no true solution for affected men. He represents a more conservative and religious approach to the issue with a desire to bridge any gaps between Foregen and traditional, religious circles.  Matthew is currently studying Hebrew, and in his free time enjoys high quality tea, fishing, and natural studies.

 Robert Pitts

Director of Events


One of Robert's main goals in life is to leave a positive impact on the world.  As part of this he has developed a strong passion for promoting human rights, specifically bodily autonomy.  Robert travels for work, and attends concerts frequently in his spare time. He also loves to travel and study Astrophysics. When he is not busy at his job, he is invested in helping promote Foregen's goal to offer men the choice of genital integrity.

Oren Saar

Assistant Director of Events


Oren is passionate about promoting the right to genital integrity, as well as combatting the misinformation surrounding circumcision. He is also driven to promote Foregen at various events to inform and educate the public how Foregen's mission is indeed becoming a reality, giving many the genital integrity they deserve. When not working, Oren studies Business Administration and has interests in online marketing and computer science.

Julian Brown

Instagram Media Lead


Julian is a college student who is planning on majoring in biology, and by helping Foregen, pursue the goal of giving every man back the choice of a whole body. He enjoys gaming and making YouTube videos, and studies various topics in his free time. When he is not busy, he is invested in helping Foregen achieve its goal.


Lead Editor


Jay oversees and directs the production of content for social media. This content includes the recent newsletter we have been sending out, the upcoming podcast and blog videos, and other visual and written content. He also contributes significantly to the general social media strategy, organization and direction.











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